• Trapped Puppy rescued from 2 ft wide crack in drought parched soil

    NBC DFW has a story about a Garland boy who is mighty happy to get it his puppy back after it fell into a 2 foot wide surface crack created by the hot dry summer:   http://bit.ly/pzpfyh

  • Willow, the Cat, goes Missing in Colorado; Turns up 5 yrs Later in NYC alive & well

    After a journey of some 1,800 miles, Willow as found and positively identified because of her implanted microchip. More here:  http://bit.ly/nlhwkd


  • Check Out These Great Resources To Learn More About The Topics Explored In Our Blogs.

    If you want to learn more about microchipping your pet or choosing a good veterinarian, then read through the resources below. Your pet is a living, breathing being that needs food, shelter, affection, and medical care. Visit Chastain Veterinary Medical Group to give your pet the care he or she deserves. Visit our website for more information or find a location near you!

    • Do you want to learn more about AVID microchips? Get your questions answered at AVID’s frequently asked questions page.
    • In the US, there are about 75 million dogs and 85 million cats that people call their pets. To learn more fascinating pet statistics, visit this page from the ASPCA. 
    • Does your dog have the proper vaccinations? Check out this page for one perepective on   vaccination.
    • Do you need more criteria in your search for a vet? Take a look at this page from the Humane Society to learn more about finding the right vet for you and your pet.
    • Do you find taking your pet to the Vet to be a hassle? Here are some tips to make the whole process a little easier on all involved.
    • It’s important to take measures to maintain your pet’s health between vet visits. Head over to this website for some excellent pet care resources.

  • Marble Falls women uses a pet tortoise to mow her lawn

    WOAI has a great article about a Marble Falls woman who has a 140 lb totoise that tends her yard.  http://bit.ly/phvavb

  • Determining the Ideal Weight for a Dog

    One of the most important factors is keeping a dog happy and healthy is keeping him or her at an ideal body weight. Even better yet is to keep the dog on the thin side of ideal.

    This video walks you through several tips for evaluating your dog’s weight. You can get a good idea of your pet is underweight or overweight by simply feeling for his or her ribs. If you feel each individual rib, then your dog is underweight. In contrast, if you can’t feel any of his or her ribs, then your dog is overweight.

    For more tips on keeping your dogs and other pets healthy and happy, call Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, at (866) 455-9070 . We are the place where the Health and Happiness of Pets and their People are What Counts!

  • Updated: 2011 List of Emergency Animal Clinics in North Texas

    We’ve just finished our 2011 update of the list of animal Emergency Clinics in and around Dallas, Texas. You can find it here: http://www.chastainvets.info/emergency_clinics.php

    This is a great reference sheet to print out and keep alongside your other dog and cat supplies. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s always best to be prepared. 



  • Anybody Else in north Texas notice Wierd Behavior in their Pets Last Night?

    We did. Titus, one the two Chastain dogs, started acting spooked and trembling for no good reason around 11 or 12 last night. He kept asking to climb up ion the bed to be closer to the humans. Typically, we associate this sort of behavior in Titus with approaching thunderstorms… but the skies were clear last. Of course, there was a tiny earthquake about 40 south of here. Probably just coincidence… but maybe not. Dogs and other animals are well known to be sensitive to earthquakes. Anybody else notice anything odd?

  • How to Treat and Control Pet Allergies

    Dogs and cats are susceptible to allergies just like their human owners. Allergy season’s pollutants, like weeds, pollen, dust, and grass, most commonly affect our eyes and nose. Among dogs and cats, however, the skin is the target organ. If you notice your cat or dog itching and scratching away, especially if this is recurring issue, then here are some tips to get your furry friend feeling good and allergy-free:

    • Have them tested for allergies: This can be done via a blood test but the most conclusive option is an intradermal skin test. By testing your pet for allergies, you will be able to knowledgeably care for his or her specific ailments rather than playing a guessing game. Allergy testing typically gives the most accurate results when conducted at “off-peak” times, such as in the fall.
    • Know your pet’s enemies and your options: One of the advantages of allergy testing is that the specific irritants annoying your pet can be identified.  Once you know what’s bothering your pet, you can take steps to remove it or avoid it.
    • Talk about treatment options with your vet: Medicated baths, cream rinses, anti-itch sprays, antihistamines and allergy shots are all options to help alleviate pet allergies.

    Going to a compassionate and experienced veterinarian is a great way to get a reliable, professional perspective on the situation. Call (866) 455-9070 to talk to the veterinary experts at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group or contact us online.

    miniature pinscher scratching

  • Romer the Cat Does Ulrasound

    Hey guys, Romer the cat here.

    Not much going on in the McKinney office yesterday. So I ran around surgery at full speed for a while. Tore up some paper towels. Had to hiss at a big, hairy, brown dog that sniffed me.

    Later, the humans wanted me to play with a ridiculous cloth mouse on the end of a string, but I had a better idea. I decided to walk around on the keyboard of the ultrasound machine. It’s warm and the lighted buttons tickle my toes. It’s also a great place to nap. Turns out that with very little effort I can even make the machine print out screen captures of the ultrasound appearance of open room air. Check out my photos – did ‘em all by myself! The humans didn’t seem to think this was nearly as hilarious as I did, but what do they know anyway? Bipeds!


  • Fahrenheit our SpokesCat has posted his Bio on Facebook. Be sure to read: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=121022277998804

    Fahrenheit taking a break from a long work day.