Kitten and Adult Cat Care

Whether you have just brought home a new kitten or you have a mature adult cat, you will want to know the basics of feline care to make sure that your kitty is happy and healthy for life. With Preston Road Animal Hospital on your side, you can always rely on great clinical care and grooming for your cat. This article will offer more insight on the services your cat will need and the best ways to take care of your cat at home.

Kitten Health Essentials

Kittens need special care to grow up healthy, and this care includes spaying and neutering, which is beneficial for preventing overpopulation and managing behavior. When you get a new kitten, you will want to schedule all of the following services with us to give your feline a good start.

  • Kitten deworming – Kittens are at a high risk for heartworms and pin worms, which may be passed to kittens from a mother’s milk. Deworming typically takes place at about six weeks, and a fecal test will be used to determine the need for follow-up treatment.
  • Spaying and neutering – If you have a female cat, spaying will save you the stress and mess of caring for a cat in heat. Neutering male cats can minimize behaviors like urine marking and male aggression.
  • Vaccines – Young cats need to be immunized for distemper and rabies, so you should schedule appointments for these kitty shots to keep your cat from getting sick as his immune system is developing.

Feline Diet and Activity

Cats naturally eat a very protein-rich diet consisting primarily of meat. Therefore, their food should have plenty of animal protein and no fillers. Serving your cat wet food along with dry may be beneficial, since cats naturally do not drink much water on their own. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need daily walks, but they do like to play, scratch, and hunt. You should provide your cat with plenty of safe recreational activities to keep him from destroying furniture and carpeting.

Veterinary and Dental Care for Cats

Regular visits to Preston Road Animal Hospital for preventive checkups and feline dental care will keep your cat healthy in all stages of life. We utilize the most advanced veterinary technologies to offer comfortable, effective care for dogs, cats, and less conventional pets in North Dallas. To schedule an appointment with our veterinary team, call us at (972) 239-1309 today.

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