• The Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

    When you get a new pet, making an appointment to spay or neuter him or her should be one of the first things on your to-do list. Spaying and neutering is one of the most important things you can do for your pet’s health and the health of all of the animals in your community. If you are concerned about the impacts of spaying or neutering your pet, speak to your veterinarian. Here is a look at some of the advantages of spay and neuter services for all animals.

    Longer Life Span

    Because spaying and neutering reduces the risk of many different health issues, including several forms of reproductive organ cancers, animals who undergo these procedures tend live longer lives. On average, dogs who are spayed or neutered live one to three years longer than unaltered canines, while spayed or neutered cats live three to five years longer. In addition to living longer, animals who are spayed or neutered live healthier lives, thanks to the reduced risk of disease.

    Less Desire to Roam

    Pets who are sterilized through spaying and neutering have less desire to escape and roam, which also keeps them safer and healthier. Pets who roam are more vulnerable to all manner of accidents, illnesses and injuries. As many as 85% of dogs who get hit by cars have not been spayed or neutered, and male cats who have not been altered live less than two years outdoors on average. Animals who are not altered are more likely to fight, which can result in the transmission of disease through bites and scratches.

    Reduce Overpopulation

    Cats reproduce at 45 times the rate of humans, while dogs are merely 15 times as prolific as people. For these reasons, among others, we find ourselves with an overabundance of dogs and cats, with huge populations sitting in shelters that are forced to euthanize them. When these animals are not in shelters and instead living on the street, they suffer, and they pose health risks to the community. Spaying and neutering pets prevents your animal from contributing to these larger population and community issues.

    Make an appointment at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group and talk to one of our vets about the benefits of spaying or neutering a dog or cat to learn more. To schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney or call (972) 230-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas.

  • What Are the Most Important Reasons to Spay and Neuter?

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    Spay and neuter veterinary services are vital in lowering the homeless pet population, decreasing the risk of certain dog and cat illnesses, and in eradicating pet behavioral problems. Many animal clinics offer low cost surgical spay and neuter services. If you haven’t yet gotten your pet spayed or neutered, keep reading to find out the primary reasons that you should.

    Reduce Behavioral Problems
    In a home setting, many pets in heat will tend to exhibit obnoxious and disruptive behaviors. An un-neutered or un-spayed dog or cat may continually spray urine inside the house in an attempt to attract mates. Pets in heat tend to make persistent attempts to get out of the house to wander in search of a mate. Sally cats that are not spayed will yowl constantly, and her vocalizations, postures and pheromones may attract un-neutered Tom cats to your house. Taking your pet to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered will bring these sorts of issue to an end.

    Lower Risk of Health Problems and Injuries
    Spaying a cat or dog significantly lowers her risk of developing uterine infections, uterine cancer, and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal for 50% of dogs and 90% of cats. Neutering a male dog or cat will obviously eliminate his risk of developing testicular cancer. Pets that aren’t spayed or neutered will attempt to get out of your home to find a mate. This increases their risk of getting into fights with other animals, becoming lost or injured, or being hit by a car.

    Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies
    Spay and neuter services prevent pet overpopulation in your community. You’ll be doing your part to lower the number of unwanted pet pregnancies that often result in homeless pets who become victims of neglect or death when living on the street or in a pet shelter.

    If you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered in the greater north Dallas area, visit our experienced veterinarians at Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas or Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney. Our affordable spay and neuter services, preventative healthcare, diagnostic services, and emergency vet services will help increase your pet’s lifespan and keep him happy and healthy. To set up an appointment for spaying or neutering, call us today at (972) 239-1309 Preston Road – Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (Meadow Brook – McKinney / Frisco).

  • Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pets

    Spaying and neutering pets prevents unwanted animal pregnancies. With so many stray animals in shelters around the country, there simply aren’t enough resources or loving homes available to care for them all.

    Watch this video to learn some of the compelling reasons to spay or neuter your pets. You can do your part to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned pets by visiting an animal hospital near you to have your pet spayed or neutered.

    For spay or neuter surgical services at a local veterinary hospital in Dallas, visit us at Preston Road Animal Hospital. Or swing by Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney/Frisco. Our experienced veterinarians advocate that all pet owners spay or neuter their pets to reduce certain health risks, curb behavioral problems, and prevent unwanted pregnancies. To make an appointment, call us today at (972) 239-1309 (Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (McKinney/Frisco).

  • Getting the Facts About Spaying and Neutering

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    Bringing your pet to your veterinarian or veterinary hospital to be spayed or neutered is one of the best decisions you can make for his/her long-term health. Along with preventing unwanted pet pregnancies, spaying or neutering your dog or cat will also help him or her live longer, and will lower his or her risk of developing certain cancers. Here are some more valuable facts about the benefits of spaying and neutering pets.

    Spaying or Neutering a Dog or Cat Reduces Cancer Risk
    Cats and dogs that are spayed have a significantly lower risk of developing dangerous and fatal cancers of the reproductive system. They also have a lower risk of developing uterine infections. Dog and cat neutering reduces the pet’s risk of developing testicular cancer or prostate cancer. Overall, statistics show that pets that are spayed or neutered live much longer than pets that aren’t.

    Spaying or Neutering Reduces Certain Behavioral Problems
    When animals have the desire to mate, they display certain behavioral problems that are unpleasant. Males in particular may be inclined to escape a roam about or fight in search of females. Obviously, these problems can impact a pet’s health and safety. A dog or cat that isn’t neutered has a natural instinct to roam, making him more vulnerable to acquiring illnesses, becoming injured, getting into fights with other animals, and even becoming lost or missing. A dog or cat that isn’t spayed may display aggressive behavior, yowl and scratch obsessively, and spray urine throughout your home or yard.

    Many Animal Clinics Offer Surgical Spay and Neuter Services at Reduced Cost
    Many people believe that getting a pet spayed or neutered is expensive. In reality, many animal clinics offer spay and neuter services at a reduced cost. We do, for example. Some veterinary clinics and animal hospitals even offer payment plans and financing options to help pet owners pay for necessary medical services.

    If you’re looking for spay or neuter surgical services in or near Dallas, visit us at Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas or Meadow Brook animal Hospital in McKinney / Frisco. Our experienced veterinarians also offer wellness care for pets, including pet grooming and pet dental services. To make an appointment at our state of the art veterinary clinic, call us today at (972) 239-1309 (Dallas) or (972)-529-5033 (McKinney/Frisco).

  • Why Should You Spay or Neuter Your Cat?

    Spay or Neuter Your Cat in Dallas Spaying or neutering your cat at your local veterinary clinic or veterinarian’s office is an important step in maintaining his or her overall health and happiness. Veterinarians recommend that cats be spayed or neutered because the procedures have a number of health, behavioral, and societal benefits.

    Health Benefits
    Spaying your female cat will significantly reduce her risks of developing breast cancer. A cat that is spayed cannot develop ovarian cancer or uterine cancer. A male cat that is neutered cannot develop testicular cancer. Unneutered male cats also have an instinct to roam and socialize with other cats, which can make your cat become aggressive and temperamental, even if he is an indoor cat. This may encourage him to escape the house, increasing his risk of getting into dangerous fights with other animals, or contracting illnesses, diseases, or parasites.

    Behavioral Benefits
    Cats that are not spayed or neutered have an intense desire to wander the neighborhood in search of other cats. Female cats that are in heat will become temperamental, and cry incessantly. This will attract stray or outdoor male cats to your home, and these cats will urniate around your home in an attempt to get your female cat’s attention. Male cats that aren’t neutered can act aggressive, and may spray urine around the home to mark their territory.

    Societal Benefits
    In addition to getting the health benefits and behavioral benefits afforded by spaying or neutering your cat, you will also make sure that your cat isn’t capable of either impregnating another cat or becoming pregnant itself. This helps to decrease the number of unwanted kittens, homeless cats, and cats that end up being euthanized in animal shelters.

    If you are in the general north Dallas area and have a cat that needs to be spayed or neutered, schedule an appointment at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Our skilled and experienced doctors have performed thousands of such surgeries in our clinics. For more information or to make an appointment for your pet, visit our website or call us today at (972) 239-1309 (north Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (McKinney/Frisco).

  • Why You Should Spay Your Female Pet

    Cat Spaying in Dallas

    Spaying your female pet is one of the most responsible choices you can make for her health, safety, and happiness. Your veterinarian can give you detailed information on the health benefits of spaying and neutering your pet. You can also learn a little more about the benefits of spaying your cat or dog below.

    Lower Risk of Disease
    According to PetHealthNetwork.com, as many as 25% of non-spayed female animals could develop breast cancer. Visiting an animal hospital to have your pet spayed prior to her first heat cycle dramatically reduces her breast cancer risk. Breast tumors are cancerous 50% of the time for dogs, and 90% of the time for cats. It’s advantageous to get your pet spayed as soon as possible. Spaying also greatly reduces her chances of getting ovarian or uterine cancer, as the ovaries and uterus are removed when your pet is spayed.

    Eliminate Chances of Pregnancy
    Spaying your pet is the only foolproof way to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant. Even indoor pets can escape your home at some point, or other neighborhood pets can find their way into your yard or home. An unwanted pregnancy will make you responsible for not just keeping your pet safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy and delivery, but also for finding suitable homes for each of the young. Pregnancy can also result in dangerous complications, such as eclampsia or the need for a C-section.

    Avoid Pyometra
    Pyometra is a dangerous medical condition in which your pet’s uterus becomes inflamed and filled with pus. It is most common in dogs who have not been spayed. This disease can secondarily affect your pet’s other organs, particularly the kidneys. If the pus-filled uterus ruptures, the pus can fill the pet’s abdomen and lead to sepsis. None of this is a good thing.

    If you’re looking for a respected veterinary clinic in the north Dallas area at which you can have your cat or dog spayed, visit Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. We have been providing compassionate care to Texas pets for more than 20 years. Call us today at (469) 759-7620 (north Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (McKinney / Frisco) for more information or to schedule an appointment for your pet.

  • The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

    Seeing your veterinarian to spay or neuter your pet can be invaluable in preventing unwanted pet pregnancies, as well as certain animal illnesses and diseases, including cancer. The sooner you get your pet spayed or neutered, the lower the risk will be of developing health problems later in life. To find out more about the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet, check out this video clip.

    If you’re looking for a qualified and compassionate veterinarian to spay or neuter your pet in the Dallas or McKinney area, visit Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. We have over 20 years of experience and offer comprehensive health services to pets of all kinds. To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian, call us today at (469) 759-7620 (north Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (McKinney / Frisco).

  • Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

    One of the most valuable services your veterinarian in Dallas, McKinney, Frisco or elsewhere can provide is to spay or neuter your pet. Dog and cat neutering or spaying is an essential part of responsible pet ownership. It not only benefits your pet, but also your family as well as the community at large. This video explains more.

    Each year in the U.S., three to four million pets are euthanized because they don’t have a home, and another six to eight million are placed in animal shelters. A large part of this epidemic is due to the obvious fact that animals that have not been spayed or neutered will naturally tend to reproduce at will. In addition, dogs and cats that have not been spayed or neutered can develop disagreeable habits or aggressive behavioral tendencies.

    For more information on spaying and neutering call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney / Frisco at (972) – 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (469) 759-7620. You can also make an appointment online here, or by means of our free mobile App available through Google Play or iTunes. Our veterinarians can show you more about how spaying or neutering a dog or cat can make life better for you and your animal.