• How to Make Sure Your Pet Has a Positive Boarding Experience

    At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, we are pleased to offer pet boarding as one of our services, and it is available for almost every kind of animal we treat. Not only is boarding your pet with us convenient, but you can also travel with the peace of mind that your animal is being looked after with the kind of care you’ve come to expect at our veterinary clinic and that emergency vet services are onsite if needed.

    We know that pet parents can get anxious about boarding their pets, but you can help to ensure that your animal has a great experience with these tips.

    Pack Your Pet’s Food

    For your pet, having his or her own food to eat will lessen the stress he or she feels at being in an unfamiliar place. Likewise, any sudden change to your pet’s diet can lead to gastrointestinal upset that will plague him or her while you are away. Be sure to discuss your pet’s eating habits with the boarding staff, especially if your pet is on a special prescription diet. At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, we have all of your pet’s medical records, so our team can access information about your pet’s diet as needed.

    Please note that sending food along with a boarding pet is especially important in the case on non-traditional pets, such as ferrets, rabbits, reptiles and birds.

    Talk to Your Veterinarian

    If you are boarding your pet for the first time, consider talking to your veterinarian about any specific needs your pet may have. For instance, if you have a dog that is known to be skittish or a cat with food allergies, your vet may offer advice to help you plan for your pet’s stay, such as packing a favorite toy or bringing your own treats.

    Consider a Dry Run

    You can get your pet used to boarding by doing day sessions or overnight boarding visits before a longer stay. This can give your pet a chance to get used to the people at the boarding facility and to get acclimated to the environment.

    When you board your pet at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, you can count on us to maintain dietary and medical protocols while ensure your animal gets the love and attention it needs. To find out more or to make an appointment for pet boarding in McKinney, call (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas or call (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area of Texas.

  • Spotlight on Pet Boarding

    When you are traveling and need a place for your pet to stay, why not enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they are getting the highest quality care from your veterinary hospital? Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is pleased to provide veterinarian-supervised pet boarding at rates that fit right into your travel budget.

    When you board your pet with us, you can take comfort in knowing that your four-legged family member is getting the level of care that you would want him or her to have. We understand the special care needs your pet may have, from dietary concerns to daily medications, and the importance of following medical protocol. We can also offer medical boarding for pets that need additional veterinarian care while you are away.

    Why risk boarding your pet at an unknown kennel or with an inexperienced pet sitter when you can rest easy knowing that the caring animal experts at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group can provide the quality attention your animal needs? Find out about our pet boarding services in Dallas and McKinney by calling Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (972) 239-1309, or by calling Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area at (972) 529-5033.