What to Expect While Deworming Your New Puppy

When you look into your sweet new puppy’s eyes, it can be hard to imagine that he or she could be holding a stomach full of worms, but in reality, there is a good chance that he or she is hosting at least a few of these invaders. Worms are a common problem in dogs of all ages, but puppies lack the immune system to effectively fight them off, so they can multiply quickly. Deworming is a standard process for puppies, and your veterinarian may recommend that you do a few cycles to make sure your pet is protected. Here is a look at what to expect.

Giving Your Puppy a Deworming Treatment

To get rid of parasites in your pup, you will need to give him or her a deworming medication. Deworming medications come in a few different varieties. Some are provided by your veterinarian in office, while others are medications that you give at home. Some deworming medicines can be sprinkled on your puppy’s food so that he or she eats it easily, without having to take a pill.

Eliminating the Worms

After having the deworming treatment, your puppy will eliminate the worms via his or her digestive system. For many new puppy families, this sight can be unsettling, since you may see adult worms moving around in your puppy’s feces. This is completely normal and a sign the treatment is working. Be sure to clean up the infected feces, so that your puppy doesn’t try to eat it and become re-infected.

Dealing with Side Effects

After taking deworming medicines, your puppy may seem a little fatigued while the medication does its job. Diarrhea is also common, but call your veterinarian if you notice any serious side effects, such as panting, pacing, and other signs of distress.

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