Keeping the Peace Between Your New Puppy and Your Older Dog

When you have an older dog in your home, bringing in a young pup can turn his or her world upside-down. It doesn’t have to be an anxiety-provoking experience, though. By introducing your dogs in a healthy, deliberate way, you can make sure that they are fast friends and not competitors. Your veterinarian can be an important source of information on keeping the peace between your pups, and of course, he or she will make sure neither pet has any health issues that could affect the other. These tips will also help you make sure that you and your pups come together to form a happy family.

Keep Your Older Dog’s Limitations in Mind

You may remember when your older dog was a puppy and how much energy he or she had during those first few months. Now, as an older dog, it is not always easy to maintain the same level of activity. Sore joints, other health issues, and a more relaxed demeanor can all make your older dog more interested in kicking back than playing. Your new puppy, on the other hand, will be looking at your older dog as a playmate. Encourage them to engage, but also recognize how much more downtime your older dog needs than your younger dog. Give your older dog a quiet place to relax and your new dog a place to be active.

Involve Them in Training Together

It can be helpful to involve your older dog and new dog in training together. When you’re working on training at home, give the commands and let your new dog see your older dog comply. When you give reward treats, give them to both dogs. Your older dog may be your puppy’s best teacher.

Act Quickly When You See Problem Behavior

There are a few problematic behaviors you should firmly react to right away. Being possessive about toys or food must be stopped, as it can become dangerous. You should also share your attention between your dogs and not allow one to interfere with the attention the other is receiving.

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