A Look at Our PennHIP Services

Canine hip dysplasia is a serious genetic condition that affects several breeds of dogs. It has spread among breeds thanks to selective breeding by humans. When hip dysplasia is left untreated, it can cause significant problems for the affected dogs, including constant pain, malformed hips, and mobility problems. Identifying hip dysplasia early can allow veterinarians to treat it, preventing the complications associated with the condition.


At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, we use the renowned PennHIP screening method of determining a dog’s chances of having hip dysplasia. PennHIP dates back to 1983 and has undergone multiple clinical trials that bolstered its efficacy. This multifaceted screening program is the only objective screening tool available for hip dysplasia. It is effective at identifying a risk of hip dysplasia in dogs as young as 16 weeks, which allows veterinarians to create an effective treatment plan before complications begin.


PennHIP is just one of the cutting-edge tools we use at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group to keep our patients healthy for life. Get more information about all of the services at our AAHA-accredited animal hospitals by calling (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas, or by calling (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney.

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