Ways That Your Cat Can Get Infected with Worms

worms in cats dallas

Cats are vulnerable to a number of different kinds of worms, some of which can be transmitted to humans. Because cats may not show any symptoms of worms until they experience serious health problems, seeing your veterinarian regularly for kitty checkups that include worm screenings is important.

In kittens, worms are typically transmitted from an infected mother to the young kitten, through milk. The most common way adult cats are infected is through eating feces of infected cats, or by eating something contaminated with the feces of other cats. In some cases, eating rodents or birds can also cause an infection. Cats who have fleas may also be more vulnerable to worms, particularly tape worms. Because worms can cause serious health problems when left untreated, it’s important for your cat to receive regular preventive care at the veterinary hospital.

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