Subtle Signs of a Sick Cat

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Cats are notorious for hiding the symptoms of a sickness for as long as they can, so it’s important to tune into the subtle signs that your pet could be ill. If you suspect your cat is could be sick, take him or her to the veterinarian for an exam. Often, catching illnesses in their early stages makes them easier to treat and increases the chance of a full recovery. If you notice these signs in your cat, consider making an appointment at the animal hospital.

Weight Changes
Different conditions can affect your cat’s weight in different ways. In some cases, he or she may lose weight, while in other cases, weight gain may occur. Although appetite changes can also occur with an illness, weight changes aren’t always linked to changes in eating habits. A cat with hyperthyroidism, for instance, may experience weight loss while eating the same amount of food as normal or even when eating more. Your veterinarian should evaluate any noticeable weight changes.

Behavior Changes
When cats are not feeling well, they often change their behaviors. For example, if your cat is typically an independent kitty, he or she may begin to cling to you more and more. Alternatively, an overly affectionate cat may now demand his or her alone time. You may also notice that your cat changes his or her sleeping habits and may either give up on grooming or may groom obsessively.

Looking back on things, when one of our cats became seriously ill a few years ago, one of the earliest signs was simply that he began sleeping near the warm computer vents all the time.

Increased Vocalization
If your cat is in pain, he or she may begin to meow and whine more often than normal. Howling during the night is a particularly common behavior in cats who are ill. This behavior can also be a sign of stress that results from a change in your cat’s environment.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is certified by the American Animal Hospital Association and provides preventative healthcare exams for your pets, as well as urgent care when your pet is sick. If you’re concerned that your cat could be ill, make an appointment at our pet hospital in McKinney today by calling (972) 529-5033. You can also contact Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (972) 239-1309.

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