Keep Your Kitten Calm During Loud Thunderstorms

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Thunderstorms are the bane of many pets, and for kittens, the loud bangs and flashing lights can be particularly frightening. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to comfort your kitten during thunderstorms. If your kitten’s fear seems especially overwhelming, talk to your vet at your next visit to the animal hospital to see if there are any medications or behavioral strategies you should consider. The information below should also help.

Monitor Your Own Behavior
Your kitten is very good at reading your body language, so if you are anxious about the storm, he or she will be as well. Stay calm and act like you’re relaxed so that your kitten senses that you have things under control. When your kitten is acting scared, it’s natural to want to comfort him or her, but be careful how you do so. If you shower your kitten with too much attention and affection when he or she acts scared, you will end up rewarding your cat, which reinforces the behavior. Pet your kitten as normal, but don’t overdo it, so he or she knows you’re there but doesn’t feel rewarded.

Let Your Kitten Hide
Kittens often seek out a hiding spot during thunderstorms. Your first instinct may be to take him or her out to offer comfort, but allowing your kitten to hide will make him or her feel secure. If your kitten gets anxious often, you may wish to invest in a few covered cat beds to keep around the house, so he or she always has somewhere to which to escape.

Involve Your Vet
Your veterinarian can offer plenty of advice for strategies you can use to calm a kitten who gets nervous during thunderstorms. For severe cases, your vet may even recommend medications that can help to manage your kitten’s anxiety during thunderstorms.

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