Examining Common Myths About Dog and Nutrition

It isn’t just humans who are surrounded with conflicting information about nutrition. There is a lot of information available to dog owners about feeding their pups that can be confusing and misleading. The best way to find out what is really best for your dog is to make an appointment at your animal clinic to talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s specific health needs. Are popular myths about dog nutrition leading you to put your pooch’s health on the line? Here is what you need to know.

Myth: Dogs have to eat dry food to prevent dental disease.

Dry food does indeed help to clean debris off your dog’s teeth as he or she crunches, but the overall impact, while real, is probably not large. In reality, some dogs will simply only eat wet food, and that’s OK. It’s more important for your dog to get a dose of balanced nutrition from a healthy wet food than to starve himself or herself by refusing the crunchy food you keep putting out. If you’re concerned about your dog’s teeth, see your veterinarian regularly for pet dental services and try other preventative edibles, such as dental chews and crunchy carrots for snacks.

Myth: Only whole meat is quality protein for dogs.

Some dog foods contain whole meat and others contain meat meal. They can both be healthy for your pet. The source of the protein is the most important factor. Meat meal can be a more concentrated and affordable source of protein for dogs and is perfectly safe and healthy. Remember that pet food manufacturers sell and promote ingredients, whereas a dog’s metabolism needs nutrients. Your veterinarian can offer guidance when you’re looking for a pet food that has a healthy source of protein for your dog.

Myth: Putting garlic on dog food gets rid of worms.

At best, putting garlic on your dog’s food will have no impact at all. At worst, it can make your dog ill, as garlic can be extremely toxic to pups. To prevent the need for emergency vet care, leave the garlic off your dog’s food entirely.

Do you have any questions about what you should feed your furry friend? Visit Chastain Veterinary Medical Group and speak with a veterinarian in Dallas or McKinney about your pet’s specific nutritional needs. Call (972) 239-1309 (Dallas) or (972) 529-5033 (McKinney) to make an appointment today.

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