Dealing with Your Puppy’s Chewing Behaviors

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Puppies love to explore the world with their mouths, but this natural behavior can become bothersome quickly, especially in the setting of a home interior. Although chewing is completely normal for puppies, it is important to address inappropriate chewing early and often. As your puppy grows, his or her chewing will only become more destructive, and when they like to chew on you, it will become increasingly painful. Your veterinarian is an important partner in your efforts to raise a well-behaved pup. These tips will also help you nip chewing behaviors in the bud before they get out of control.

Set Your Puppy Up for Success
Until your puppy learns appropriate chewing behaviors, make it easy for him or her to succeed by removing tempting things, like your shoes, from places where he or she plays. Be sure to store anything that could be harmful to your puppy, like medications or cleaning products, out of reach. When you can’t supervise your puppy, crate him or her to prevent unwanted chewing. Keep puppies out of rooms or places that can’t be adequately secured until they are much older.

Teach the Right Kind of Chewing
It’s a good idea to stock up on a variety of dog chew toys in different materials and textures to give your puppy good options when the urge to chew strikes. Every time you see your puppy begin to chew on something inappropriate, take that item away and replace it with a chew toy. Praise your puppy when he or she begins chewing on the appropriate item. Eventually, your dog will learn which items earn him or her praise—and which don’t.

Get a Check-Up
Occasionally, stubborn chewing is the symptom of a medical problem. See your veterinarian if your puppy isn’t responding to any of your efforts to discourage chewing, in order to rule out an underlying medical cause. Sometimes, dietary issues, gastrointestinal problems, and the need for pet dental services can trigger chewing.

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