What Are Your Dog’s Teeth Telling You?

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One extremely important, but often overlooked, part of caring for your dog is providing dental care. Healthy teeth can help your dog avoid a long list of medical issues, but many pet parents don’t even know that dog dental cleaning services are an option. Talk to your veterinarian about the options for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums clean, and look for these signs of problems that may need professional evaluation:

Red Gums: Periodontitis
Periodontitis—or gum disease—is extremely common in dogs. In fact, this is much more common than cavities. If you notice that your dog’s gums look inflamed or that they are red, puffy / swollen, or bleeding, then periodontitis could be the cause. In addition to being painful in and of itself, gum disease can cause your dog to lose teeth. Don’t assume that your dog isn’t having oral pain caused by gum disease just because he or she is behaving normally. Dogs frequently don’t display signs of chronic pain because they don’t want to show weakness – this is probably an ancestral pack-animal trait.

Yellow Gum Line Buildup: Plaque
Plaque builds up on your dog’s teeth as the result of bacteria, food particles, and saliva. You may notice it if you look closely at your dog’s teeth and see yellow accumulations on the teeth, along the gum line. If plaque isn’t removed, it becomes tartar, which is harder and coral-like and builds on the tooth surface. Plaque and tartar can lead to foul breath, gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss. Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth can help, and regular professional teeth cleanings as recommended by your veterinarian will ensure that your dog’s teeth and gums stay healthy.

Bad Breath: Decay
Dogs are notorious for their less-than-pleasant breath, and sometimes that can be chalked up to their habits of eating whatever they can find in the environment. However, strong, chronic bad breath can also be a sign of underlying tooth decay (or even kidney disease) that should be evaluated by your vet.

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