• Give Your Pet a Basic Check

    Preventative care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Regular visits to your veterinarian are part of the equation, as are at-home checks done by you and your family. When you’re spending quality time with your pet, follow the steps in this video to check for signs that your pet needs a visit to the veterinary clinic.

    Start by looking for discolorations or discharge around the eyes and ears, and then check for broken teeth or foul mouth odors. The more you handle your pet, the calmer he or she will be during these exams.

    Complete the pet care equation with regular visits to Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Make an appointment for preventative care, cat neutering, pet dental services, and more by calling (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney or (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal hospital in north Dallas.

  • Why You Should Train Your Dog

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    Dogs bring plenty of joy into their families’ lives, but they also sometimes come with some pretty bad habits. Training your dog is an important part of helping him or her adjust to life under your roof and helping you avoid plenty of frustration, not to mention the expense of replacing your chewed-up shoes. If you’re having trouble training your dog, talk to your veterinarian about resources to make it easier.

    Training your dog has many benefits, but the most important one is that it makes your dog safer. When your dog listens to your commands, it helps him or her avoid dangerous situations, like running into a road that can end up in visits to the emergency vet. Training also helps your dog feel secure and see you as the pack leader leader. In our experience, it seems like dogs look first for an existing leader to follow; if the find none, they assume they are in charge and behave accordingly. Last but not least, training reduces frustration and anxiety for both your and your dog, so you can focus on simply enjoying your pet’s companionship.

    Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to support you through all stages of your dog’s life, with spay and neuter services, pet dental care, and more. Call our animal clinics in the north Dallas area today by dialing (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas or (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal hospital in the McKinney / Frisco area of Texas.

  • The Basics of Teaching Your Dog to Sit

    Whether you need to control your dog at the veterinarian’s office or get him or her to settle when new people come around, training your dog to sit is one of the most valuable skills you can teach. Get strategies for teaching this basic command in this video.

    Start with a treat in your hand and let your dog try to figure out how to get it. When he or she sits, give the treat. As your dog associates sitting with getting a treat, start adding the word to the action, until the dog recognizes the word without a treat being in your hand.

    Your veterinarian in north Dallas at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to help through training, dog neutering, pet dental services, and everything else you need to keep your dog happy and healthy. To make an appointment, please contact us at (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area or (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas.

  • Bringing Home a New Puppy

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    Getting a new puppy is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Your puppy will depend on you for everything from food to safety, and there will be a learning process as you teach your puppy the house rules. Before you even get your puppy, set up an appointment with a veterinarian for an initial check-up and to learn about the proper immunization schedule. The things you do in the first few days of having your puppy at home can make a big difference in how easily you all acclimate to each other, so keep these tips in mind to help keep the transition as smooth as possible.

    Start Off Right
    Bring your puppy home in a crate, and don’t open the door simply because the dog is whining. Releasing your dog from the crate because of whining teaches him or her that whining is a useful tool. Take your dog to the place you want him or her to go to the bathroom as soon as you get home, and say the word you have chosen to use for that space and activity. We often use the phrase, “Get Busy.” Say the word when your dog goes to the bathroom and praise him or her. Repeat this process every time, until your dog learns to go to that spot.

    Build a Schedule
    Puppies thrive with a set schedule that makes them feel secure. Have times for eating, playing, walking, and other activities. Your dog should also have alone time in a crate periodically, so that he or she learns to feel comfortable when you’re not nearby. Ideally, start off feeding your dog the food he or she is used to eating, and if you want to wean him or her off of it, do so slowly to avoid tummy upsets.

    Get Preventative Care
    Preventative care from a veterinarian is enormously helpful in keeping your puppy healthy for as long as possible. Get your dog’s immunizations and de-wormings on schedule, and get him or her neutered or spayed when your veterinary clinic suggests. Don’t overlook dog dental cleaning services to prevent long-term complications.

    Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to help you welcome your new puppy into your family, with the quality care and helpful advice you need. Make an appointment with our pet hospital in Dallas by calling (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney or (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal hospital in north Dallas.

  • What to Do When You’re Boarding Your Dog

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    Because pets are family to most of us, boarding a family dog can be a little stressful, but there are some trips that just aren’t made for four-legged friends. The good news is that there are many things you can do to make boarding your dog a lot less anxious for both you and your pet. Start by talking to us or your regular veterinarian if you need to find a trustworthy dog boarding facility. These tips will also help.

    Tour the Facility
    You will feel more confident about boarding your dog if you tour the kennel you’re considering. Look for signs of overcrowding and be sure there is an adequate staff in place to care for all of the guests. Evaluate the overall cleanliness, and watch how the staff interacts with the dogs. The attitude, demeanor and attention to detail shown by the staff is probably more important to your pet than how new, how expensive, or how fancy a boarding facility is. A good boarding kennel will have procedures in place that keep dogs both engaged and safe, so ask about the daily routine and how the kennel deals with things like aggressive dogs, nervous dogs, and differences in sizes and temperament during playtimes. Also inquire about the facility’s procedures for handling emergencies, accidents, and illnesses – more on that to follow.

    Pack Things from Home
    It’s a good idea to bring your dog’s regular food when you board him or her, as changing foods can cause aggravate sensitive stomachs. Some folks also bring water, as water taste and quality can vary widely across the state. You can also pack a favorite toy or blanket so your dog has something familiar to put him or her at ease. Keep in mind that things you bring to the kennel can get dirty or lost or destroyed during play sessions, so don’t bring expensive pet beds or other items that you want to keep in good condition.

    Review Emergency Procedures
    Leave a phone number and email address where you can be reached with the boarding kennel, as well as local contact number for a trusted friend or family member. Go over the boarding facility’s emergency procedures, and let them know who can give permission for veterinary treatment, if needed. In addition to emergencies and accidents, find how they handle routine illnesses, such as coughing or stress diarrhea.

    Get the peace of mind you want when you board your dog by choosing boarding at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Our animal hospitals in the north Dallas area provide attentive and caring boarding with access to vet care when needed, from a veterinarian who knows your dog’s medical history. Learn more about our boarding services by calling (972) 239-1309 for Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas or (972) 529-5033 for Meadow Brook Animal hospital in the McKinney / Frisco area of Texas.