Tips for Crate Training Your Puppy

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Crate training can be a helpful strategy for keeping your puppy safe as he or she learns the rules of your house. Contrary to the belief that crating your puppy is unkind, puppies actually feel comfortable and secure when crated appropriately. Just consider for example that wild canids often dig and live in dens. If your dog is having trouble adjusting to being crated, talk to your veterinarian about ways to make the process easier. If you plan on crate training, this advice will help you get started.

Introduce the Crate
Start by introducing the crate to your puppy in a non-threatening way, so he or she associates positive things with it. Store the crate in a commonly accessed area of the house; treat it like another piece of furniture. Keep the door open, and bring the puppy to the crate, while talking in a calming voice. Leave the door open so your puppy can explore at his or her own pace over the next few days. If your puppy shy’s away from the crate, try tossing a few treats or a toy inside, to entice your pup to enter and begin exploring.

Feed Meals in the Crate
When your puppy is comfortable zipping in and out of the crate, start feeding his or her meals inside. When your puppy is happily eating, close the door and then open it as soon as the meal is over. With each successive feeding, leave the door closed a little longer, until your puppy can stay inside for 10 minutes or more. Tip: don’t let the puppy train you. Don’t respond to whining or whimpering, or your puppy will grow to think whining is the way to what it wants. If your puppy whines, wait for him or her to stop for a few seconds before opening the door.

Extend Crating Time
Begin to leave your puppy in the crate for longer periods of time. First, crate your dog and leave the room. After your dog stays comfortably in the crate for that length of time, you can begin to leave them crated when you leave the house. You can also allow your puppy to sleep in the crate at night. You have to work up to it, but trained, adult dogs can remain crated without problems for several hours.

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