Tips for Choosing a Great Boarding Kennel

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As much as your furry friends are a part of the family, they cannot always be a part of family vacations. When you need to leave your pet behind for a trip, having a great boarding kennel to rely on can give you peace of mind. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend a boarding kennel for your pet. These tips will also help you narrow down your choices.

Ask for Recommendations
One of the best ways to learn about kennels is to ask others who have used them in the past. Talk to family, friends, and neighbors about the boarding kennels they use for their pets and if they know of any kennels you should avoid. Your veterinarian and the staff at your animal clinic may also have advice, especially if you need services other than cat or dog boarding.

Visit Potential Kennels
Before you leave your animal at a kennel, visit it for a tour. Does it seem clean and well maintained? Is there a veterinarian on site or on call for accidents and emergencies? Does the staff seem caring and knowledgeable, and do the animals seem to have adequate ventilation and space? Be sure to ask questions about feeding times, required immunizations, and exercise schedules to help you determine if a particular kennel is right for your pet. A good kennel will provide pets with ample activity and supervision and will have areas where nervous pets and small animals can be kept away from larger or more aggressive pets.

Discuss Medical Emergencies
Every kennel should have a policy in place for dealing with accidents, illnesses and medical emergencies in pets in their care. You should also provide the kennel with any medications and special foods your pet may need. Make sure the kennel has information about your vet and that you sign an authorization for vet care so that your pet can get urgent medical care if needed.

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