Keeping Your Pet Safe in Cold Weather

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With cold weather approaching, it’s important to understand the risks your pet may face as the seasons changes. You should keep the contact information for an emergency vet on hand in case your pet needs emergency services.

Cats and dogs should remain inside during extreme temperatures. Don’t let your dog off-leash if there is snow or ice on the ground. Snow can hide dangers that may injure your dog, like broken glass, nails, and pieces of metal, and broken wood. Snow may also contain salt, antifreeze, or other toxins that your dog can ingest by licking his paws or coat. Be vigilant about storing antifreeze out of reach of your pets. Ice can injure your dog’s paws, and prolonged exposure can put him at risk for frostbite.

For more tips about pet safety, contact the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group emergency vets in north Dallas. To make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable pet hospital veterinarians, check out our website or call us at (972) 239-1309 (Dallas) or (972) 529-500 (McKinney / Frisco).

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