Why You Should Spay Your Female Pet

Cat Spaying in Dallas

Spaying your female pet is one of the most responsible choices you can make for her health, safety, and happiness. Your veterinarian can give you detailed information on the health benefits of spaying and neutering your pet. You can also learn a little more about the benefits of spaying your cat or dog below.

Lower Risk of Disease
According to PetHealthNetwork.com, as many as 25% of non-spayed female animals could develop breast cancer. Visiting an animal hospital to have your pet spayed prior to her first heat cycle dramatically reduces her breast cancer risk. Breast tumors are cancerous 50% of the time for dogs, and 90% of the time for cats. It’s advantageous to get your pet spayed as soon as possible. Spaying also greatly reduces her chances of getting ovarian or uterine cancer, as the ovaries and uterus are removed when your pet is spayed.

Eliminate Chances of Pregnancy
Spaying your pet is the only foolproof way to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant. Even indoor pets can escape your home at some point, or other neighborhood pets can find their way into your yard or home. An unwanted pregnancy will make you responsible for not just keeping your pet safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy and delivery, but also for finding suitable homes for each of the young. Pregnancy can also result in dangerous complications, such as eclampsia or the need for a C-section.

Avoid Pyometra
Pyometra is a dangerous medical condition in which your pet’s uterus becomes inflamed and filled with pus. It is most common in dogs who have not been spayed. This disease can secondarily affect your pet’s other organs, particularly the kidneys. If the pus-filled uterus ruptures, the pus can fill the pet’s abdomen and lead to sepsis. None of this is a good thing.

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