Deciding Where to Board Your Pet

Despite how much you love being in the company of your furry friend, every family with a four-legged member needs pet boarding services once in awhile. Although there are many options for boarding your pet while you’re away, your veterinary clinic near Dallas is often the best and safest choice. Here are some things to consider when you’re choosing a home away from home for your pet.

What Type of Animal Do You Have?
Finding dog boarding services is relatively easy, since there are businesses dedicated to providing daycare and overnight care services to these animals. However, if you have a bird, snake, or other non-traditional pet, your options tend to be more limited. Even cat boarding is more difficult to find than dog boarding. Veterinary clinics are usually equipped to board all kinds of animals, and the staff has the necessary expertise to keep these animals safe and healthy, including experience with exotic animal care.

What Is Your Animal’s Personality?
Does your animal love socializing with new people and pets, or does he or she prefer to stick with a few familiar faces? How does your pet react to loud noises and large groups? Consider the environment of the animal boarding options you’re looking at and how they mesh with your pet’s personality. If, for instance, your dog hates the dog park, a large dog boarding facility that lets animals roam in packs may be too stressful. Your veterinary clinic may well provide a better mix of socialization and personal space.

Does Your Pet Have Special Health Needs?
The last thing you want to do when you’re out of town is worry about your pet not getting the care he or she needs. If your pet has health issues, veterinary supervised pet boarding can give you peace of mind that your animal is in safe hands.

At the same time, we must acknowledge that there are some pets that probably should not be boarded. This group would include especially fragile animals with serious health problems such as animals in congestive heart failure, those that are prone to seizures or epilepsy, those that refuse to eat or drink properly when away from home and those that are aggressive or dangerous to other pets or humans.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is pleased to offer pet boarding services at both of our animal hospital. Trust us for all of your pet care needs, from pet grooming and dog boarding to vaccinations. Learn more about boarding and our other vet services by calling Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney / Frisco at (972) – 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (469) 759-7620.

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