Tips for Bringing Your New Kitten Home

Getting a new kitten can be an exciting event. Adding a furry friend to your family is also a substantial responsibility, so you should thoroughly prepare for his or her arrival. One essential part of ensuring your kitten’s wellbeing is making an appointment with a veterinarian at an animal hospital. We have two locations in the north Dallas area. Your veterinarian can make sure that your pet is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming and so on. The following tips can also help you make your kitten’s transition into your home a smooth experience.

Kitten-Proof Your Home
A curious kitten could quickly find his way under a refrigerator or behind an entertainment center. If you have unsecured electrical cords, he may be tempted to chew on them. Before you bring your new pet into your home, evaluate each room for potential dangers. Look at everything from an ankle height point of view. Any item small enough to be eaten should be put away so that you won’t have to make a visit to an emergency vet clinic.

Limit Stimulation
Bringing home a kitten can be fun for your family, but it may be overwhelming to your new pet. You are introducing him to strange, new people, smells, and environments, so help him explore his new home in a safe and comforting way. If you have children, you may want to have them wait a few hours or a few days before they strat playing with the new kitten so he has a chance to familiarize himself with your house.

Gradually Expand the Size of the Environment
Instead of letting your new kitten immediately roam free upon his or her arrival in their new home, start by confining the kitten to just one room – say a master bathroom, for example. Stock that room with a litter box, kitty bed or cat tree, and a scratching post. Offer food and water there. Then, after 2-4 days, open the door and allow the kitten access to the next room as well. That means, to continue with our illustration, that the kitten would now have access to both the master bedroom and master bath. After 2-4 day, open the next door and grant the kitten access to next room, perhaps a hallway. Keep repeating this process until after several weeks the kitten has access to as much of the house as you wish. A gradual approach like this will do wonders for the kitten’s sense of mastery of his environment. It will help train the kitten to think of the original room(s) as home base. It will also help keep him out of trouble and it will help you better keep up with him.

Create a Routine

To help your kitten settle quickly into his new home, create a regular routine right away. Cat are creatures of routine. Your veterinarian may recommend setting up consistent mealtimes for your kitten. You may also need to bring him to his litter box in regular intervals so that he understands its use as soon as possible. Your routine might include scheduled playtime as well so that your kitten can release his energy in a healthy way.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to help with answers to all your new kitten and new puppy questions. Our veterinary services can help you get started on the right foot with your new pet. Call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney/Frisco at (972) 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (972) 239-1309 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about your pet care concerns.

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