Debunking Myths about Dog Neutering

There are many benefits to having your pet neutered, but also many myths about the procedure that may be stopping some from scheduling an appointment. In addition to making your experience as a pet owner easier, spay and neuter services such as those available in our north Dallas and McKinney / Frisco offices can help prevent pet overpopulation. Taking the time to find out the truth about this practice can help you better understand its many benefits.

Myth: Neutering Is a Costly Procedure
For some dog owners, financial constraints may be the reason they resist dog neutering. However, this procedure is normally a very affordable one. If you are worried about the costs involved with neutering a dog, discuss your concerns with your veterinarian. He can likely provide this service for a reasonable fee that is nominal when compared to the potential expense of caring for several new puppies.

Myth: Weight Gain Often Results from Neutering
Spaying and neutering a dog does not inherently result in excessive weight gain. Weight gain of any kind stems from your pet consuming more calories than he expends. That said, it is important to gradually reduce a pet’s caloric intake after spaying or neutering to better match their likely slightly reduced activity level. If you are concerned that your dog might gain weight in the future, the best method of preventing this is to regulate food intake (all sources) and make sure that he gets plenty of exercise on a regular basis.

Myth: Neutering Can Change a Pet’s Personality
Unaltered dogs instinctually want to procreate. This has a powerful impact on their interests, activities and behaviors. As a result, your pet might behave in ways inconvenient or bothersome to the humans in his life. For example, he might try to run away from your home in search of a mate, or mark your furniture with his urine. Neutering a dog can help prevent or stop these behaviors. What it will not do, though, is change your dog’s fundamental personality. You can still enjoy the company of the same furry friend even after he undergoes this procedure. You may also find him to be a better-behaved pet because of it.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group highly recommends that all pet owners spay and neuter their animals. If you have remaining questions about this service, we would be happy to address your concerns. Please call Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (469) 759-7620 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney / Frisco at (972) 529-5033. You can visit our website for information about the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. You can see photos of some of our patients on Facebook.

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