Preparing Your Home for a Kitten

Are you adding a kitten to your family? An AAHA accredited animal hospital in the north Dallas or McKinney / Frisco areas, such as Preston Road Animal Hospital, can help you get ready for your new arrival. In the meantime, have a look at this great video which reviews some of the essentials you’ll need for a new kitten.

Food and elimination supplies are especially important, as your kitten will be eating and using a litter box even on her first day in your home. Remember that, developmentally, kittens are not ‘cats’ yet, and as such they will benefit from kitten-specific foods, appropriate for their developmental needs. Kittens should also have bowls small enough to accommodate their reduced size. This will help with the mess situation. A litter box should be easy to enter and exit. Make sure new kittens have a cat collar with all necessary contact information in case she strays from home.

Would you like more kitten care tips? Call Preston Road Animal Hospital at (469) 759-7620. We have two animal clinic locations that offer comprehensive veterinary services, including cat teeth cleaning and spay and neuter options.

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