Preparing Your Dog for Boarding

As much as we all love having our dogs by our sides, a time may come when you must leave town without your furry friend. Dog boarding is a common necessity for pet owners, and with a little advance preparation, you can ensure that your dog has a pleasant experience. When you choose one of our animal hospitals in the north Dallas or McKinney / Frisco areas, you can rest assured that your pet will get the best care possible. But regardless of where you have your dog boarded, here are a few tips to help set the stage for smooth sailing.

Update Vaccinations
Vaccinations are a key component of keeping your pet in the best health possible. Not only can vaccines protect your dog from potentially life-threatening diseases, but also they prevent him or her from possibly participating in the spread of infection to other animals. Because dog boarding puts pets in close proximity with each other – like a human preschool operation – it is critical that your dog is current with all of his recommended vaccinations. If you aren’t sure about his vaccination compliance, make an appointment with us, or your regular veterinarian to check his immunization history.

Collect Personal Care Items
If you choose an established veterinary hospital as your dog boarding location, it likely has high-quality food will be available. However, if your dog has allergies that demand a special diet, or if he has other health conditions that may require special medications, then make sure you bring these items with you when you drop off your dog. Your pet hospital may have your dog’s medical history on record, but you might want to write down mealtime or medication instructions as well. It never hurts to be clear in what you want.

For your dog’s comfort, you could also bring a favorite toy or blanket. If you do this, do be aware that such items have been known to go missing or become soiled or destroyed by the dogs,

Vet Your Boarding Location
Before you drop off your pet, ask if you can view the boarding amenities at your animal hospital. Most places will happily permit this, although, for safety reasons, they may limit it to times when kennel cleaning and sanitation are not actively under way. During your tour of its facilities, you can see for yourself where your dog will be sleeping, eating, and playing. Depending on the temperament of your pet, you might want to tell the animal clinic staff about his tendency to run outside or play fight with other animals. By sharing information about your dog’s personality, you can help ensure that the staff at your veterinary hospital can care for him properly.

Chastain Veterinary Medical Group wants you to rest easy while you are out of town. We have exceptional staff and accommodations for all of our boarding guests. To find out more about our dog boarding options for the greater Dallas and McKinney communities, call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at (972) 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at (972) 239-1309 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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