Common Questions About Dog Neutering

Questions about Neutering Neutering a dog serves many important functions. Even when you make the best efforts to keep your dog at home, he may occasionally escape. If he is sexually intact, he is likely to be even more interested in stepping out for an “explore.” Should he do so, veterinarians warn that he could contribute to the already overwhelming issue of animal overpopulation. However, our surgical spaying and neutering services can help to alleviate this troublesome problem and allow your dog enjoy a more comfortable life. The following questions and answers might help you better understand the benefits of dog neutering.

When should a dog undergo neutering?
The appropriate time to neuter your dog is a decision that you and your veterinarian should make together. In many cases, dogs as young as two months old can safely undergo this procedure. However, the trend nowadays among more progressive veterinarians is to allow a puppies more time to gain a little maturity before the procedure is done. Your veterinarian can help you determine if the time is right for a dog to be neutered by assessing your dog’s breed, body weight and other health factors.

How does dog neutering affect pet behavior?
A dog that has not been neutered often behaves in ways that demonstrate his protective and sexual instincts. In particular, a dog might display aggressiveness toward humans and other dogs that he believes are intruding upon his territory. He might also cause damage to a home by leaving physical marks of his presence on carpet and furniture. Dog neutering often eliminates these behaviors. When your dog undergoes this procedure, you may also find that he is less likely to leave the home, since he will have less interest in wondering off in search of a mate, which can benefit his safety and your peace of mind.

What are the health benefits of dog neutering?
Dogs are not immune to infections and cancers of the prostate and testes, and animals that have not been neutered often incur a higher risk of experiencing these diseases. To protect your pet, have him neutered as soon as your veterinarian deems it safe to do so. Not only can this single procedure significantly reduce the danger of certain cancers, but also it can prevent the need for later potentially costly treatments.

Have you neutered your dog yet? If not, call Chastain Veterinary Medical Group at (469) 759-7620. Our veterinarians at Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas and Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney can answer any additional questions you may have about this procedure. We can also see to it that your dog undergoes the safe and comfortable treatment that he deserves.

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