Meet Dr. Clint Chastain

Meadowbrook Staff

Dr. Clint Chastain has devoted his professional life to the care and well-being of animals, attending to their needs for more than 20 years. Using science and compassion as his guide, Dr. Chastain has utilized his expertise in medical imaging, cardiology, laparoscopy, and surgery to address the medical concerns of his patients and help them get back to health as soon as possible. To ensure that his furry friends enjoy long and healthy futures, Dr. Chastain also devotes time to mentoring young veterinarians and new veterinary technicians. While primarily an administrator now, in his almost 15 years as the founder and co-owner of Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, Dr. Chastain has greatly enjoyed being part of the lives of countless animals and their human families.

Let Chastain Veterinary Medical Group be there for you and your pet when you need it most. To learn more about our north Dallas area veterinary practices, visit us online or call Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (972) 239-1309 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in the McKinney/Frisco area at (972) 529-5033.

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