Getting Your Home Ready for a New Puppy

German Shepherd Running

Adding a puppy to your family can be a joyous event. Before picking up your new bundle of fur, though, it’s important that his new home be ready for his arrival. Being thoroughly prepared for your puppy can help to make his transition a smooth and stress-free one for everyone in your family.

Purchasing His Items

Just as you wouldn’t bring home a new baby without having all of his necessities in place, you should not welcome a new puppy without first purchasing a few essential items. When shopping for your pet, be sure to buy a leash, collar, a harness maybe, chew toys, crate, puppy food, and food and water bowls. Having a crate can be particularly important as you train your new pet. Not only can a crate be a safe place in which your puppy can rest when you are not home, but also it can help him learn to keep his space clean as you housebreak him.

Working Out the Rules

A new puppy requires a considerable amount of time, energy, and dedicated focus. In some cases, his needs may prove too much for a single person. So before bringing home your puppy, take to the rest of your family about his needs. To alleviate the stress of having one person care for your new pet, split up responsibilities among your children and partner. For instance, let one person be assigned to walk him in the mornings, while another person gives him his meals and fills his water bowl.

Note that if multiple people are training and caring for the new puppy, it is essential for everybody to be coordinated and doing the important puppy things the same way. Otherwise the puppy will become confused and successful training could be delayed.

Creating His Schedule

To raise your puppy to be an obedient and well-adjusted dog, you must provide structure to his day. Though puppies may seem content to play all day, it is up to you and your family to create a routine that teaches him when to expect his meals, his bathroom breaks, and other important events. Having a recurrent schedule can make it much easier for your puppy to learn how to wait until his is taken outside to relieve himself. It can also teach him how to respect your commands and wait for your cues.

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