Dog Ear Cleaning Tips

Cute ears of dobermann dog isolated on white

The shape of a dog’s ear canal leaves the animal susceptible to several vexing ear issues such as allergies, parasites, bacterial infections, and yeast infections, any one of which could cause, or be caused by, other larger health issues. If something does find its way into the dog’s ear canal, it is extremely difficult for it to get make its way out on its own. If you regularly clean your dog’s ears, you will be in a position to better detect dog ear problems before they can get totally out of control. Regular cleaning can also help you avoid a number of canine ear problems.

If you notice dirt or debris inside the ears, you can use a cotton ball that is slightly dampened with mineral oil or rubbing alcohol to gently clean them. You should ask your vet to show you how to clean the ears before you do it on your own, though. Be careful not to clean the ears too often or you could actually cause more irritation. Lastly this is very important: to avoid possible ear drum damage, do not stick anything into the ear canal any further than you can see with your eye or feel with your pinky finger.

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