What Does Bad Breath Mean In a Dog or Cat?

covering mouth dog

Bad breath is often thought of as typical for a pet. In fact, it can indicate serious dental health problems. Bad breath is often caused by gum disease, which is the result of the accumulation of plaque and food debris in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the food debris and irritate the sensitive tissues in the mouth. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to irreversible dental problems, including loss of teeth, the loss of bone mass in the jaw and the destruction of oral soft tissues.

Sometimes, bad breath in a cat or dog can indicate another type of health problem, such as diabetes. Diabetes is typically indicated by fruity breath and increased urination. If your pet’s breath smells more like urine, it could indicate kidney disease. Bad breath accompanied by appetite loss and vomiting may mean a liver problem. If you notice bad breath in your pet, schedule a veterinarian visit right away. Additionally, cats and dogs should receive regular dental care from a veterinarian and at home.

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