An Animal Lover’s Guide to Spaying and Neutering: [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pet overpopulation is an American epidemic. Millions of animals enter shelters each year, and every 11 seconds, one of these adoptable animals is euthanized. Failing to spay and neuter animals is a major contributor to the issue. A single fertile female cat and her offspring can produce an amazing 370,000 cats within just seven years. In this infographic, Dallas’ Chastain Veterinary Medical Group examines the issue of pet overpopulation and explains why spaying or neutering your pet is so important. In addition to helping control the pet population, spaying or neutering your pet also improves his or her health and helps curb unwanted behavior, like aggression and marking. Help us end pet overpopulation and keep animals healthier by sharing this important information about spaying and neutering with your animal-loving friends and family. 


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