Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm During a Veterinary Visit

At  Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, we love your pets as much as you do. Though we are always happy to see your pets, we understand that a trip to the vet isn’t most pets’ idea of a good time. Getting in the car and traveling to an unfamiliar place filled unfamiliar smells can cause a lot of anxiety for some animals. If your pet is wary of veterinary care, here are some ways to make vet visits a little less stressful:

Young Female Veterinarian

Get Active before the Appointment

Before your appointment, help your pet work off a little nervous energy. Take your dog for a long walk or spend some time playing with your cat. The more energy your pet expends before the appointment, the less nervous energy it will have when you actually get to the vet clinic.

Walk Around the Clinic

The scent of new animals can be extremely overwhelming for your pet. For dogs in particular, it’s important to arrive at your appointment a little early so you can walk around the outside of the building a few times. Let your dog sniff around, and let him add his own scent into the mix. Slowly introducing these new smells before you enter the actual clinic environment will ease some of your dog’s stress.

Reward Calmness

If your pet is being calm at the vet, reward his behavior with praise and small treats. This positive reinforcement will encourage your animal to maintain his low-key behavior. You can use this method to help foster a positive association with the veterinary clinic between visits as well. Take your pet to the vet occasionally when he doesn’t have an appointment and give him a few treats. Your pet will come to associate the vet with good things and begin to be excited about seeing the vet, instead of scared.

At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, our compassionate team of animal lovers will work hard to put your pet at ease. Trust us with all of your vet care needs, including pet grooming and pet boarding. Call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at (972) 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in Dallas at (972) 239-1309 to schedule your appointment today!

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