How to Prevent GDV in Dogs


GDV—or canine bloat—is a potentially dangerous, but treatable, condition. It occurs when both ends of a dog’s stomach become twisted and closed off. Eventually, stomach gasses build up and the abdomen begins to swell. GDV can cause lethargy, vomiting, and bloating. Although not all causes of GDV are understood, there are steps you can take to minimize your dog’s risk.

Part of preventing GDV in dogs is recognizing if your pet is vulnerable. Although GDV can happen to any dog, it is much more common in large dogs and dogs with deep chest cavities. Your vet can tell you if GDV is a problem for your dog’s breed. If your dog has a high risk, consider having the stomach tacked to the abdominal wall at the same time your pet is spayed or undergoing another surgery. This should prevent GDV from happening. You can also lessen the risk of GDV by preventing your dog from running right after eating a large meal.

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