Tips for Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

Ear maintenance is an important part of grooming your dog. It can also save you money. According to VPI Pet Insurance, ear infections routinely top the list for reasons policyholders took their dogs to the veterinarian. So, when you brush and groom your dog, always remember to check inside their ears. Your pet’s ears are particularly prone to accumulating debris, bacteria, and even parasites inside the crevices. During your pet’s next wellness exam, you can also ask the veterinarian to show you how to clean your dog’s ears and check for potential problems. Here are some tips for getting started:

Washing the dog

Prevent Ear Infections

When water is trapped inside your dog’s ears, irritation and ear infections can result. After bathing your pet or taking them for a swim, you can help prevent ear infections by pouring a little ear drying solution into the ear canals. Ask your vet for brand recommendations and directions for use. You can also make your own ear drying solution at home; your veterinarian can explain this to you as well.

Clean the Ears Gently

Make it a habit to  clean your dog’s ears regularly  as part of your normal grooming routine. Dampen a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide, mineral oil, or an ear cleaning product recommended by your vet. Use a very light touch when wiping the ears with the cotton ball. It’s a good idea to have your vet demonstrate this technique before you attempt it. Remember, never stick anything into the ear further than you can see with your eye or feel with your pinky finger.

Check the Ears Regularly

Check your dog’s ears on a regular basis for potential problems. Some dogs are prone to developing hair tangles inside the ears; talk to your vet about having a groomer tweeze ear hair. Additionally, schedule a veterinary appointment if you notice unusual symptoms, such as swelling, crusting, or redness. Ear problems may also cause a foul odor and discharge. If your dog has ear mites, they will appear similar to waxy coffee grounds.

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