Want to Know More About Preventing Illness in Your Pet? Then Read Through These Informative Articles

The best way to ensure your pet’s longevity is to guarantee he or she is getting the best care possible and steer clear of obvious, avoidable risk situations. Improve your pet’s wellness by reading over these articles about heartworm and the effects of chocolate consumption.

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  • Gain an understanding of the seriousness of Heartworm Disease by exploring this link from the  American Heartworm Society.
  • Browse through this article from ASPCA.org for an overview of  heartworm disease in dogs.
  • Why is chocolate dangerous to your dog’s health? Find out in this article from  WebMD.com.
  • The symptoms and effects of chocolate consumption will vary based on the size of your dog and the amount of chocolate consumed. Visit this link to  NationalGeographic.com  to see how different dogs react to chocolate.
  • Is your dog at risk for developing  hip dysplasia? Get the facts by reading over this link from the American Animal Hospital Association.

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