Benefits of Spaying or Neutering a Pet

Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that veterinarians perform on animals to reproductively sterilize them. Spaying applies to female animals, while males are neutered. Both of these veterinary procedures are essential steps in maintaining your pet’s health, as they eliminate the animal’s ability to reproduce and have several other longer term health benefits. Here are a few of the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet:

Happy Puppy and Kitten


Animal shelters are overflowing with homeless pets, and millions of animals are euthanized each year because there is not enough space or money to take care of them. By having your vet spay or neuter your pet, you do your part to reduce the overpopulation of pets in a safe and humane way. The overpopulation of pets also places a significant burden on taxpayers and private donors, as it costs quite a lot of money to operate animal shelters throughout the country.


Your vet will likely recommend  spaying or neutering your pet  when he or she is about eight weeks old, or older. Having this procedure performed as early as possible not only contributes to the reduction of overpopulation, but it can also improve your pet’s health. Spaying ensures that your pet will not have to cope with certain health problems, such as uterine cancer and uterine infections. Spaying also significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Likewise, a neutered male will not develop testicular cancer or prostate gland enlargement, and he is at a significantly reduced risk of suffering perianal tumors.


Female cats in heat exhibit nervous behaviors, such as restlessness and crying, while female dogs tend to have messy heat cycles. Having a veterinarian spay your pet will eliminate these behaviors. Similarly, unneutered male animals tend to display more aggressive characteristics, including growling and biting. Neutering your pet will help get rid of undesirable behavior issues.

To learn more about spaying or neutering your pet, contact the veterinarians of  Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.  Reach us at Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309 or at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney by calling (972) 529-5033 for more information.

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