• A Look at Your Pet’s Breath

    Does your dog or cat have stinky bad breath? It’s a common problem—after all, pets can’t brush their own teeth. Fortunately, there are special toothbrushes and toothpastes available to help keep your pet’s mouth clean. Ask us, or your regular veterinarian, for a customized recommendation on these products.

    For more information on combating your pet’s bad breath, check out the video below. You’ll see a veterinarian demonstrate the use of a dog toothbrush. You’ll also learn about other products that may help your pet, including dental wipes and special treats.

    If your pet has bad breath, schedule an appointment with our  veterinary practice. Contact us at Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309 or at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney by calling (972) 529-5033.

  • New Study Shows Spayed and Neutered Dogs Live Longer

    The University of Georgia’s recent research has shown that the average lifespan of a dog who has been sterilized is a year and half longer than that of a dog who has not been sterilized. You can get more information about the study from eScienceNews.

    Little Boy and Dog

  • The ASPCA was founded on April 10th, 1866! Still going strong 147 years later!

    The ASPCA has designated April  as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.  Know the signs of abuse and pay attention to animal owners around you.  

    Is the animal extremely thin, chained to a fence for long periods of time without access to food and water, or overly submissive or aggressive?  These are just a few of the signs of abuse that would warrant a call to your local ASPCA to investigate further.  Be their voice!!

    Did you know that every 10 seconds an animal is abused or beaten?  Without reporting animal cruelty, the ASPCA would never know about most instances of animal abuse.  It’s our responsibility to get the help these animals need before it’s too late.  

    For more information, go to :    http://www.aspca.org/about-us/aspca-april/

    Want to take the pledge to help end animal cruelty?   Click here:  http://www.aspca.org/fight-animal-cruelty/cruelty-pledge-cat


  • Choose a Pet Health Plan from Chastain Veterinay Medical Group

    Here at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, we have a selection of pet health plans to make caring for your furry family members easier than ever. The most complicated part is choosing the right health plan for your pet, which is why we created this simple charts to making choosing the right plan easy. Simple find your pet’s age on the chart and be led directly to the pet health plans available to you.

    Chastain Pet Health Plans

    If you’re ready to sign your pet up for one of our health plans, give us a call at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney at (972) 529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas at (972) 239-1309.

  • Get Expert Pet Health Advice with These Resources

    We know your animal companions are an important part of your family, just like ours are, so please help ensure his or her health with regular veterinary check-ups. Talk to your vet (or us) about ways to keep your pet happy and healthy and follow the links below for more helpful advice on safeguarding the health of your pet.


    • Keeping the pet population under control is only one reason to spay or neuter your pet. The  American Humane Association  discusses the importance of spaying or neutering your pet, including how it can benefit their health.
    • Making sure your dog is free from icky worms is important for their health – and yours too.  Learn about deworming dogs and puppies  with this article from WebMD.
    • The Centers for Disease Control discusses some of the  possible illnesses  that your feline companion could contract and the importance of vaccinations.
    • Read all about doggie breath and how to improve it with this article from  Country Living  magazine.
    • The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) discusses how often you should bring your pet to a  veterinary practice  for a wellness exam.

    Schedule a wellness exam for your pet  today by contacting the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.  Reach us at Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309 or at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney by calling (972) 529-5033 for more information.

  • Benefits of Spaying or Neutering a Pet

    Spaying and neutering are surgical procedures that veterinarians perform on animals to reproductively sterilize them. Spaying applies to female animals, while males are neutered. Both of these veterinary procedures are essential steps in maintaining your pet’s health, as they eliminate the animal’s ability to reproduce and have several other longer term health benefits. Here are a few of the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet:

    Happy Puppy and Kitten


    Animal shelters are overflowing with homeless pets, and millions of animals are euthanized each year because there is not enough space or money to take care of them. By having your vet spay or neuter your pet, you do your part to reduce the overpopulation of pets in a safe and humane way. The overpopulation of pets also places a significant burden on taxpayers and private donors, as it costs quite a lot of money to operate animal shelters throughout the country.


    Your vet will likely recommend  spaying or neutering your pet  when he or she is about eight weeks old, or older. Having this procedure performed as early as possible not only contributes to the reduction of overpopulation, but it can also improve your pet’s health. Spaying ensures that your pet will not have to cope with certain health problems, such as uterine cancer and uterine infections. Spaying also significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Likewise, a neutered male will not develop testicular cancer or prostate gland enlargement, and he is at a significantly reduced risk of suffering perianal tumors.


    Female cats in heat exhibit nervous behaviors, such as restlessness and crying, while female dogs tend to have messy heat cycles. Having a veterinarian spay your pet will eliminate these behaviors. Similarly, unneutered male animals tend to display more aggressive characteristics, including growling and biting. Neutering your pet will help get rid of undesirable behavior issues.

    To learn more about spaying or neutering your pet, contact the veterinarians of  Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.  Reach us at Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas by calling (972) 239-1309 or at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney by calling (972) 529-5033 for more information.