Cold Weather Dangers and Your Pet

Leaving your pet outside unattended for long periods is never desirable, but you should be especially careful in the winter when there are a whole host of seasonal dangers to your pets. Watch out for these winter specific dangers to keep your pet safe and happy :

Warm Dog

Freezing Cold Temperatures

Pets that fair well outside in Texas during most of the year may have trouble with the cold weather that occurs for just a few months. If you have a pet that lives outdoors, make sure they have a safe, dry, elevated, and, most importantly, warm shelter from harsh cold weather. Outdoor shelters should not allow cold wind to enter because pets are just as susceptible to wind chill as are we. For indoor pets, make sure that you keep the house at a comfortable temperature, even if while you are gone. Just because you are at the office doesn’t mean your pet won’t get cold if the heat is turned way down.

Harsh Wind Chill

Keep outdoor time to a minimum  for your pets when the wind is blowing during the winter months. A simple 10 mph breeze will lower the perceived temperature by 6-10 degrees, or more. A body sweater is a good idea for short haired pets, just like how you yourself might need a coat when going out. Keep their hair as long as possible and take them into a warm environment as soon as possible to keep your pet healthy.

Snow and Ice

If you pet is outside in snowy or icy conditions, make sure you wipe them down with a wet towel when they come back inside. Beyond the benefit of keeping your pet dry so they won’t be as cold, this also allows you to remove any mud, salt, antifreeze, or other irritants that could be in your pet’s fur. Antifreeze is life threatening to pets and is most often found on the ground during winter months, making it especially important to wipe your pet down.

Car Engines

Cats and other small animals often find warmth in the engine bays of cars during the winter. A few quick raps on the hood of your car before you start it will ensure that no animal, pet or otherwise, are hurt from moving engine parts.

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