Arthritis in Your Pets and What You Can Do

Old age arthritis, or osteoarthritis, acts similarly in pets as it does in humans, causing them to be less active, leading to other health issues. While preventing arthritis in your pets is always the preferred option, there are also treatment options available. Find out about your prevention and treatment options here:

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Arthritis Causes

Joint inflammation is the primary cause of arthritis and is brought on by friction in the joint caused by a lack of cartilage and lubrication. In rheumatoid arthritis, your pet’s body actually attacks its own cartilage, breaking down the cushions that joints typically have. Natural wear and tear on cartilage is another way that arthritis forms, usually in the form of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is more common in aging pets whose bodies can’t rebuild cartilage as quickly as it wears away.

Prevent Arthritis

Because rheumatoid arthritis is actually an autoimmune disorder, it can be difficult to prevent. Still, staying on top of your pet’s health allows for earlier diagnosis and treatment to prevent symptoms. On the other side, osteoarthritis is quite preventable. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight helps relieve pressure on their joints. Food specifically designed for aging pets is also important as your pets reach their senior years, as they make weight management easier and contain key supplements that help protect your pet’s joints. Making sure your pet also gets regular exercise is crucial to keeping their weight in check and their joints healthy.

Treatment Options

If you did not diagnose your pet’s arthritis very early on,  you may begin to notice symptoms  such as trouble walking. Get treatment for your pet as soon as you notice symptoms, if you aren’t able to do so earlier. Dasuquin is one nutraceutical that helps reverse arthritis while relieving its symptoms. In humans, and likely in animals as well, nutraceuticals like Dasuquin can become even more effective when used in conjunction with omega 3 fatty acids.  If your pet is experiencing pain, laser therapy is another good option. Cold lasers are used to decrease the sensitivity of nerves and thereby decrease pain while also increasing the circulation to promote healing.

Don’t let your pet live with debilitating arthritis. Stay proactive and prevent arthritis or get treatment if it has already developed. The team at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group is here to help with medication and cold laser therapy to relieve your pet’s pain. Give  Preston Road Animal Hospital of Dallas  a call at (972) 239-1309 or set an appointment at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital of McKinney at (972) 529-5033.

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