Has your dog’s scratching been driving you both crazy?

As us humans can attest, allergies are not fun!  For our pets they are just as unpleasant.  

Do you know what’s causing your pet’s allergies?  Is it an inhalant allergy (most common)  such as mites, mold, or mildew?  Or is it a food allergy?  While antihistamines and fatty acid formulations can help, sometimes you just need to dig further to determine exactly what is causing the allergic reaction.  Maybe it’s something that can easily be removed from your pet’s environment or diet? 

This month we are offering our Intra-Dermal allergy testing for $299 .  This is a savings of over $100 .  

Allergens are at their lowest levels and pets are least itchy during the fall and winter months so don’t wait! 


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