• Tips for Keeping Your Dog Active and Healthy

    No matter their breed or age, dogs thrive on physical activity. Just like humans, they need regular exercise to maintain their wellbeing and can quickly succumb to obesity and its considerable health risks when they don’t engage in as much physical activity as they need. Canine behaviorists, dog trainers, and top vets have a saying: A tired dog is a happy, healthy dog. And closely related is this: Healthy dogs are busy dogs.

    Fit dogs are typically more well-behaved dogs—making sure that they have a daily dose of exercise will not only keep them in shape, but also prevent them from tearing apart your furniture or acting out in other ways. Though you should always consult your veterinarian regarding the specifics of your dog’s exercise regimen, the following guidelines can help you keep your furry friend active and happy.

    An active dog is a happy dog

    Get Physical

    When it comes to exercise, anything goes. Swimming, running, or just goofing off in the park are all excellent ways for your dog to stay in shape. Be sure to keep your dog moving for at least 30 minutes twice a day. Though all dogs need regular exercise, special considerations should be made in certain cases. Toy breeds generally cannot handle more intensive forms of activity such as jogging. If you have an older dog that suffers from arthritis, you should  ask your vet  about the types of exercise that will not cause undue discomfort.

    Have Game Time

    Aside from rigorous physical activity, you can keep your dog moving with playtime. Tug-of-war and fetch are two fun activities that will engage your pet and contribute to his or her overall wellbeing. These types of games will teach your furry friend impulse control, which will help when it’s eyeing your delicious dinner later that night.

    Keep Them Busy

    Most pet owners cannot hang out with their pets during most of the day, which is why you must find ways to keep them occupied while at home alone. Typically this means giving your pet enough interesting toys so that it won’t bother chewing up your couch or shoes. In addition to traditional chew toys, you can give your dog a Kong, a chewing device with hidden treats that it must work to retrieve.

    Does your dog need to get in shape? At Chastain Veterinary Medical Group we are ready to serve you with locations in both north Dallas and the McKinney/Frisco area. For more information, please call either Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 972-239-1309 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-529-5033.

  • Is it Time for Allergy Testing and Allergy Shots?

    Because of cost and convenience issues, most pets with early or mild allergies are best treated on a symptomatic basis. This usually involves a combination of allergen avoidance, omega fatty acids, antibiotics, antifungals and antihistamines. This treatment approach will be entirely satisfactory for many pets. However some will worsen over time despite traditional symptomatic treatments. These pets are often good candidates for allergy testing and Hyposensitization Therapy. 

    Allergies often cause pets to itch

    When to Consider Allergy Testing

    Allergy testing for pets does not diagnose allergies – we already know the pet in question is allergic. Instead, the purpose of allergy testing is find out exactly what the pet is allergic to. Once that is known, the pet can be kept away from the allergens (if feasible) and a specific, customized allergy serum can be prepared for use in Hyposensitization Therapy.

    Allergy testing (by blood testing or skin testing) should be considered for dogs and cats that experience allergy symptoms for four months or more out the year, for those that aren’t responding well to traditional treatments, or for those that need frequent or high-dose corticosteroid therapy to maintain control.

    Note:   At this time neither blood allergy testing nor skin allergy testing are useful for food allergies.

    Allergy Treatment or Hyposensitization Therapy

    After the specific offending antigens are identified by allergy testing, an allergy injection serum or “allergy shot” can be developed and given to the patient. With this treatment, very small amounts of the antigen are injected weekly. This repeated dosing has the objective of reprogramming or desensitizing the immune system. In our hands, success rates with this approach have been very good, although there are a few pets that have had disappointing results. Approximately fifty-percent of treated dogs will see significant improvement in their clinical signs while approximately twenty-five percent more will see a decrease in the amount or frequency or corticosteroid and antibiotic usage. Results in cats are similar, but more variable because, well, cats are cats.

    To find out if allergy testing and Hyposensitization Therapy might be right for you and your pet, please speak with your Veterinarian or a hospital representative.

    To make an appointment, please call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-529-5033 or Preston Road Animal Hospital in North Dallas at 972-239-1309. You may also  login online.

  • West Nile aerial spray tonight at 9pm-keep your pets indoors if possible.

    Planes will begin spraying the parts of northeast Dallas that weren’t covered Thursday night because of the rain.  The suburbs that will be sprayed tonight include:

    Mesquite-north of I30, Garland, Richardson (including Collin County portion), Addison, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Coppell, & Grand Prairie.

    While it’s been reported that the chemicals being used are safe it still doesn’t hurt to play it safe, especially when it comes to our furry friends. 

    Be sure to wash outdoor pet bowls, toys, patio furniture, garden fruits/vegetables, etc.  It is also a good idea to take shoes off when inside -just for a couple of days.


    Let’s hope tonight’s mosquito mission is a success!


  • Before and After Grooming Photos!

    Every week we will be sharing with you some before and after pictures taken by our wonderful groomers at both Meadow Brook Animal Hospital (McKinney) and Preston Road Animal Hospital (North Dallas). 

    We are so proud of the quality of their work that we wanted to show off their talents…oh and of course we want to show you how adorable and precious our client’s pets are!  


    Sherry @ Preston Road gave ‘Winston’ an all over trim and he sure looked handsome afterwards!  We think he knew it too!

    Winston - after

  • August Grooming Tip from Sherry @ Preston Road Animal Hospital!

    If you cut/clip your dogs’ nails at home and cut the quick, a good home anticoagulant is flour or cornstarch.

    Sherry - Our Preston Road Animal Hospital Groomer

  • Is your kitty up-to-date on their vaccinations?

    August is National Immunization month and while this is traditionally for humans, our feline friends get special recognition this month! 

    Bring your kitty in between 8/22-8/30 and receive $25 off services!  This would be a great time to catch up on overdue vaccinations. 

    Remember: even indoor cats need to be protected against infectious diseases.   

    Note:  This offer may not be combined with any other offers.  Offer expires 8/30/2012. 

    Dr sue and cat

  • Grooming Before & After Photos!

    Every week we will be sharing with you some before and after pictures taken by our wonderful groomers at both Meadow Brook Animal Hospital (McKinney) and Preston Road Animal Hospital (North Dallas). 

    We are so proud of the quality of their work that we wanted to show off their talents…oh and of course we want to show you how adorable and precious our client’s pets are!  


    Sherry @ Preston Road gave ‘Winston’ an all over trim and he sure looked handsome afterwards!  We think he knew it too!

  • How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy in the Hot Summer Months

    You may have heard that last July was the hottest July for the USA in the history of record keeping. Well, the heat of summer is far from over and keeping your dog safe and healthy during the summer months takes some special consideration. Watch this video as dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, answers viewer questions on how to care for your dog in the midst of summer heat.

    In this video, Cesar Millan answers questions that will ensure you keep your dog safe from overheating. Tips for keeping your dog happy on car rides, along with crating tips, are also discussed in this video. If your dog struggles with being separated from you, take Cesar’s advice on how to get your dog used to being alone.

    For more information on training your dog and keeping him or her healthy during the summer and beyond contact the  Chastain Veterinary Medical Group  at (972) 239-1309 today!

  • Free Boarding for Pets Displaced by the Hurricane

    The Chastain Veterinary Medical Group hospitals are offering free pet boarding through September 5, 2012, on a space-available basis, for dogs and cats whose families have been evacuated or displaced as a result of the Hurricane Isaac and its effect on the Gulf Coast. Free veterinary physical exams are also available for pets in need of medical attention.

    We ask pet owners to call ahead in order to double check availability, but both of our locations should have space for small and medium sized dogs and cats

    North Dallas – Preston Road Animal Hospital – 972-239-1309

    McKinney/Frisco – Meadow Brook Animal Hospital – 972-529-5033


  • Brindle Terrier looking for its owner

    Take a look at this sweet boy’s picture and let us know if you might know who he belongs to.  Found near Petco off of Custer in McKinney. 

    Please call us at 972-529-5033.

    photo 1