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    Keeping paw pads trimmed can ease walking- especially for our older and larger pets.

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  • Update: “Fabulous Five” kittens at Preston Road Animal Hospital are doing great!

    We are so happy that these precious little kittens are continuing to grow and thrive.  They are almost 7 weeks old and cute as can be.  

    Thinking of adopting a kitten or does someone you know want to adopt a kitten or 2, 3, 4, 5?  We would love for you to meet them and we’re hoping they can go to their forever home very soon.  

    kittens 5 weeks kittens 5 weeks-huddled together

  • Tips for Helping Your Pet Cope with Fireworks

    Fireworks cluster

    The Fourth of July is almost here—and as many pet owners know, this holiday does not necessarily mean fun and enjoyment for all members of the family. Our pets can often find the Fourth of July fireworks quite frightening, and some even go into a panic during the festivities. Fortunately, there are some ways for pet owners to relieve their pets’ anxiety and prevent any dangerous or destructive behaviors.

    • Keep your pet in a quiet, secure place. If you know that fireworks are being set off near your home, prepare a quiet place to let your pet rest during the festivities. Make sure that the location is secure and indoors, as some pets can try to escape if they become afraid of the noise. If you plan on attending an event with a fireworks show, protect your pet by leaving him or her at home.
    • Do not scold your pet if he becomes fearful. If your dog panics from the strange sounds and lights of the fireworks, remember that scolding him will not help. Instead, do your best to act confident and provide your pet with gentle reassurance.
    • Consider a Thundershirt . These snug-fitting body suits are available for dogs in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Thundershirts use gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog – much like swaddling a baby – thus effectively aiding anxiety, fearfulness, barking and more.
    • Ask your veterinarian for help. If past experience has taught you that your dog becomes severely panicked and fearful, consider seeking your veterinarian’s advice. In some cases, your vet may offer a prescription or non-prescription remedy that may help to calm your pet.
    • No eating the Fireworks . Also remember that the chemicals in fireworks are toxic to pets. So, no eating or chewing on fireworks either, please.

    To learn more about keeping your pet happy and healthy throughout the year, ask the helpful staff at Meadow Brook Animal Hospital or Preston Road Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians and support staff strive to promote optimal health and wellness in each of our patients. To schedule an appointment, call either Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344 .

  • The Dangers of Summer Heat: How to Protect Your Pet from Heatstroke

    Beagle on a Walk

    Summer is here—and with it comes the hot, humid weather that can endanger our health and the health of our beloved pets. As your pet’s companion and owner, it is very important for you to remember that he or she can suffer from the effects of the weather, just as you can. Read on to learn more about how you can keep your dog cool, active, and healthy despite the summer heat.

    • Know the symptoms of heatstroke. When your dog becomes too warm, he may pant more than usual in an effort to cool off. So, watch for increased panting. You may also notice other signs, including rapid heart rate, excessive drooling, and even vomiting. Knowing the symptoms ahead of time can help you to seek emergency treatment if they do occur.
    • Only exercise in the coolest parts of the day. Although it is very important for you and your dog to remain physically active throughout the summer, make sure that you do so only when the temperature is mild. Get up early in the morning or wait until later in the evening to walk, run, or play outdoors.
    • Avoid leaving your pets outside. Even when they rest in the shade, it can be easy for pets to overheat when left outdoors. During the summer, bring your pets indoors to stay cool in an air-conditioned place.
    • Give your pet plenty of water. Providing your pet with plenty of fresh, cool, and clean water can help to prevent dehydration and the other complications of hyperthermia.
    • Never leave your pet alone in a parked car. Even if you are only running a short errand, leaving your pet unattended in a car can be dangerous and even fatal.

    If you think your pet may be experiencing heat stress or heat stroke, please contact us, or your regular veterinarian, ASAP .  Heatstroke is one of those times when minutes really do count. For more helpful hot weather tips, visit the veterinarians at the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Schedule your appointment today by calling either Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344 .

  • About Heatstroke in Dogs

    The summer heat brings extra dangers for our beloved pets. Fortunately, every pet owner can take steps to prevent heat-related emergencies. By watching this video, you can learn more about the most common causes of heat stroke in dogs. The host also describes the early signs of heat stroke and what to do when you notice them.

    If you are interested in learning more about keeping your pets safe and healthy this summer, contact the animal health experts of the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group. Our staff and veterinarians have extensive experience in the care and treatment of our beloved animal friends—call today to schedule an appointment at Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas ( 877-296-5995) or Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at ( 972-439-1344) .

  • Use These Webpages to Find More Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

    Happy Children

    Do you still have questions about the health topics discussed in the Chastain Veterinary Medical Group blog? Look through these helpful articles for more information.

    • Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Check out this article to learn more about the common signs of noise phobia in canines.
    • To learn more ways to keep your pet happy and calm during holiday fireworks, read this article from PAW-Rescue.org.
    • This summer, protect your pets from the dangers of dehydration and heatstroke. Learn how from the ASPCA website.
    • This helpful article found on WebMD.com provides more information about the causes and symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration in dogs.
    • You can also learn more about canine hyperthermia and its risk factors from this article on PetMD.com.

    If you still have more questions contact either  Preston Road Animal Hospital  in north Dallas at  877-296-5995  or call  Meadow Brook Animal Hospital  in McKinney at  972-439-1344  for more information about keeping your pet healthy this summer or to schedule an appointment with a  veterinarian.