Summer Vacation Travel Tips: How to Prepare Your Pet for Boarding

dog waiting with a  blue bag

Saying goodbye to your pet when you go on vacation can be just as difficult as sending off your son or daughter to summer camp. However, you can make your pet’s boarding experience safe and stress-free by implementing the following measures.

  • Check out facilities early. Don’t wait until the last minute to research your kennel and daycare options. The good ones fill up fast and often have long waiting lists. Pet boarding facilities also vary greatly in what they offer. Some provide basic care for your pet, while others come with a host of amenities such as massages and web cameras that owners can use to observe their animals from afar. Not all families want or need all these amenities, however. Before committing to any pet boarding reservation, schedule an appointment to see in person how each business operates.
  • Clearly communicate your pet’s needs to the facility. To make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible, make sure that your boarding facility is aware of any special considerations your pet may have. Discuss your pet’s social habits and determine whether daycare with other animals or private enclosure boarding is the better option. Though you should visit your local vet to ensure that your pet’s medical paperwork and shots are up-to-date, you may also want to make your boarding facility aware of any special dietary or exercise requirements that your animal has.
  • Make sure your pet can bring personal items into the facility. Despite your best efforts, your pet may still exhibit signs of anxiety upon entering a new environment such as a kennel or daycare facility. This is common and normal.  Most pets quickly adjust to new environments. To alleviate any stress your animal may experience, confirm that you can bring personal items from home, like toys, blankets or even a bed, to the boarding house. The familiar textures and scents will have a calming effect on your pet. One word of caution : pets sometimes chew up and destroy personal items brought to boarding with them. So, don’t take any personal pet items to boarding that you cannot afford to lose.

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