Meet “Jasmine”, “Atlas”, “Avery”, “Judah”, and “Aurora”! They are the five kittens being fostered at Preston Road Animal Hospital!

The “Fabulous Five!”

Three litters were brought into our Dallas clinic last week by one of our clients.  The kittens were approximately 10, 6, and 3 weeks old and all had tested positive for ringworm.  

Our client decided to keep the two adult moms and two of the oldest kittens.  Seven kittens were brought to the humane society.  Left were five 3 week old kittens that were set to be euthanized for various health issues. 

At the last minute, Dr. Sue and Dr. Clint decided they would take on the medical needs of these kittens with the hope that they would beat the odds and overcome their health issues and go on to find a forever family.  

So starts their journey with us!

Our gracious client decided to cover the cost of the kittens’ first round of vaccinations as well as their first Lyme Sulfur dip to help treat their ringworm.  

Our Life Guardianship Fund will help cover some of the kittens’ ongoing treatment.  Drs. Sue & Clint are providing their food, medical care, and all supplies needed to ensure they have the best chance of surviving their circumstances.  Two of the kittens are showing signs of upper respiratory infection and will be looked at today by Dr. Sue.  

The kittens are approximately four weeks old now and some are eating on their own.  Our wonderful Preston Road staff has been rotating round-the-clock care to help bottle feed, keep warm, and provide plenty of love to this “Fabulous 5!” 


We’ll keep you posted on their progress so be sure to check back!   



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