Is Low-Level Laser Therapy Effective in Managing Neck Pain in Your Pet?

cold laser

In recent years, an increasing number of veterinarians have been utilizing low-level laser therapy to alleviate chronic pain, decrease tissue inflammation, and promote cell repair in pets. A recent study shows that laser therapy is particularly effective in treating chronic neck pain, a condition that is normally rather difficult to treat in animals.

The benefits of low-level laser therapy are well-known. Unlike surgical lasers, lasers designed for therapy are non-invasive; pets never feel them, which means they are more likely to remain calm during treatment. In the case of neck pain, laser therapy can provide relief for a debilitating condition that can severely affect pets’ ability to move and quality of life.

Low-level laser therapy also reduces the need for dependence on medications, which may be costly, have side effects, and may not be effective. According to a recent study published in The Lancet, it has not been established that any pharmacological treatments have any power to provide long-term relief for neck pain in animals; when the treatment is stopped, the pain returns. The study concluded that “evidence is sparse and side effects are common” for drug treatments.

There is persuasive evidence, however, that low-level laser treatment has an immediate and lasting effect on neck pain. The study surveyed 16 randomized controlled trials which involved 820 human patients and found that no significant side effects resulted from laser therapy. It also found that low-level laser treatment tended to reduce pain for up to 22 weeks after treatment.

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