Cold Weather Dangers that May Threaten Your Pet

Animal - Cat splat

The outdoors is rarely a safe place for any unsupervised pet, but the winter months bring with them a flurry of potential dangers for animals. In order to avoid making an emergency visit to the veterinarian, take precautions to protect your pet from these hazards:

Freezing temperatures. The surest way to protect a pet is to never let it outdoors without supervision. If you have an outdoor pet, make sure to provide a warm, comfortable, slightly elevated shelter that can be found easily. Always provide a warm, secure place in your home for your pet to curl up in, and keep your home well-heated.

Wind chill. If a pet needs to go leave the house to relieve itself or for outdoor exercise, make sure to keep walks short. Even if you can’t feel the cold, freezing winds can put a pet’s life at risk. Never shave a pet during the wintertime; their fur provides essential protection against the cold. If your pet is shorthaired, put a sweater or other protective clothing on them before taking them outside.

Snow. When a cat or dog comes in from the outdoors, be sure to wipe down their paws and fur with a wet towel. This won’t simply keep them from catching cold; snow and ice can contain salt, antifreeze, and other elements that can be irritating or life-threatening to pets. If you believe your pet has ingested anything dangerous, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Cars. When the temperature is low, outside cats and other small animals seek refuge anywhere they can—including underneath the hood of your car. To frighten away any animals that may be attracted by the warmth of a car engine, rap loudly on the hood before you start your engine during wintertime.

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