3 Benefits of Boarding Your Pet during Holiday Trips

Happy family with pets are looking at camera outdoor.

Pet boarding offers numerous advantages year round, but is especially useful during holiday trips. Here are just a few of the benefits of boarding your pet while you’re out of town:

  1.      Your Pet Will Not Be Alone

Your dog or cat may be okay for a few days if he is inside the house and has plenty of food and water, and a neighbor pops by periodically to make sure that everything is fine.  However, you’re probably going to feel bad about leaving your animal alone during a season dedicated to spending time with family! By leaving your pet at a friendly pet boarding facility, you’ll know that your dog or cat is not alone during this family-oriented time of the year and that he is receiving the care he deserves.

  2.      Your Pet Will Be Cared For

You simply cannot leave your outdoor cat or dog alone for several days at a time. What if the weather turns too cold, other animals eat your pet’s food, or your pet gets injured?  You could have a neighbor check on your pet, but it’s notoriously hard to track down outdoor cats—especially when they don’t want to be found by a stranger. By boarding your pet, he will be in a warm facility and have plenty of food and water, and you will know where he is at all times, leaving you feeling assured that your pet is being cared for.

  3.      Your Pet Will Be Safe Even If You Are Delayed

Although the Dallas area generally enjoys mild winter weather, you may be headed somewhere that does not—and on many occasions, major airports in the U.S. end up behind schedule because of bad weather in colder areas. That’s a serious problem if your dog or cat is at home alone. If you’re using a pet boarding service, though, then you’ll know that your animal will be safe until you can get home.

If you’re looking for a great pet boarding service in the Dallas area, consult with Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.  We have a number of affiliated veterinary practices that offer veterinary services, pet grooming, and pet boarding. For more information, please call either Preston Road Animal Hospital in north Dallas at 877-296-5995 or call Meadow Brook Animal Hospital in McKinney at 972-439-1344 .

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