What Can I do to prepare my pet for breeding?

Here is a brief list of some things you might want to think about: 

  • First, decide if this is really something you want to get involved with. Here are some questions you might ask yourself:
    • Do you have enough time and animal knowledge to get through a pregnancy, whelping, and weaning?
    • Can you afford a C-section for the female dog, if need be?
    • What if your pet has a really large litter of say 8-12?
    • Are you prepared to keep any un-sold or unallocated puppies or kittens?
    • Are you prepared to work if necessary to find homes for all the youngsters?
  • If your goal is purebred puppies or kittens, check with the appropriate breed registry to make sure you have all of the parent’s paperwork in order so that the pups or kittens can be registered
  • Have the male and female microchip, in case one or the other gets separated in transit.
  • Have both prospective parents dewormed.
  • Make sure immunizations for both prospective parents are up to date.
  • Complete all relevant health checks and certifications, such as PennHIP or OFA hip X-rays, elbow scoring, eye/retina scoring etc.
  • Please don’t pre-sell unborn puppies or kittens


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