Hey Everyone! Meet Romere!! Meadow Brook’s official Clinic Kitty!


     Employers: MBAH, training for upper management, 07/01/2011 to present

If stretching were wealth, I’d be rich!!! 

Nobody can truly “own” a cat.


     Music: John Cougar Mellencamp, Def Leppard

     Books:  Ralph Mouse Collection, Cat Fancy Magazine,

     Movies: Cats The Musical, Cats & Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore


Interests: sneaking into the break room to steal food, playing with Smart Toys!!!!  It can get boring around here when everyone is busy so these toys keep me busy and out of the way.  I love to get belly rubs and will stop at nothing to get one!  Love to lounge!  


Full Name:  Romere (Romi for short)    

Hometown: McKinney, TX

Current City: McKinney, TX


Birthday : 05/20/2011- Feel free to bring me a special treat 🙂

About Me What can I say?  I sure fell in when the folks here at MBAH took me in and made me their official “clinic cat”.  I get lots of love, a warm bed, food, playtime, and great care.  What more could a kitty ask for!



romer photo

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