Why Does Your Dog to Tremble or Shiver?

There are several possibilities. One that comes to mind is that the dog might be shivering because she is cold . This seems obvious but it is surprising how easy it is for a worried pet owner to overlook it. Check the thermometer.

Fear, apprehension or anxiety can also cause a dog to tremble or shiver.  General circumstances and the dog’s surrounding should give you a clue to these causes.

Pain is the most worrisome cause of trembling. Sometimes the cause of the pain is obvious (like a fractured toenail) and sometimes the cause of the pain is internal or otherwise not obvious (like pancreatitis).

Finally, there are a number of diseases that can cause trembling or shivering of all or part of the dog. Some possibilities include:  toxins or poisons, old dog distemper, eclampsia, epilepsy, TMJ problems, or Addison’s disease.

If your dog starts trembling and the cause isn’t obvious and immediately correctable, then he or she probably needs to see a veterinarian. Some of these cases can be challenging to work out.


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