Why does my pet smell funny?

The three most common sources of foul odors emanating from a dog or cat are:

  1. Mouth –  tooth decay and gum disease; rarely kidney troubles
  2. Ears – ear infection
  3. Skin – seborrhea and/or skin infection

Of these three, teeth and gum problems are by far the most common cause of bad odors. So check there first.

Bad breath is not normal; typically it means infection in the mouth. We have a saying within the vet community about bad breath in dogs: Stink means pus; Pus means Infection; and Infection means Pain

Bad breath is often a result of periodontal disease and you dog/cat my need to have its teeth cleaned. We recommend a dental examination as soon as possible.  Tooth decay and gum infection can cause many other health problems that are worse than bad breath.




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