Veterinary FAQs

Your pet may be your most loyal and tirelessly friendly companion, so he deserves the best care when it comes to veterinary medicine, grooming, and boarding. If you have gotten a new dog or cat and you are building a routine together, you may have some questions about the regular care you may need for your furry friend at the vet’s office. With Preston Road Animal Hospital, you can find all the services you need conveniently in one North Dallas location, and we have provided some answers to pet owner FAQs below to help you schedule services efficiently.

Veterinary Visits

Many pet owners only think to take their dogs and cats to the vet when the animal is sick or injured. However, animals are used to putting on a brave face when they are in pain, so you should schedule annual checkups to make sure that your pet has a long and happy life.

  • How can I make appointments? – You can make appointments in our office by calling us directly or using our online reservation system. If you make an appointment online, we will call within 3 days to confirm the reservation. For emergency appointments, you should always call us instead of using online booking.

  • How can I get in and out of the vet’s office faster? – If you want to minimize your time in the vet’s office, there are a few things you can do to ensure a quick visit. First, you might opt for the earliest available appointments to keep wait times low. You might also ask questions over the phone about any necessary samples or paperwork that the vet will need.


Every pet should be groomed to stay soft, fluffy, and healthy. Professional grooming is preferred for most pet owners, since few dogs and cats actually like getting baths.

  • How can I prepare my pet for grooming? – Many animals will have anxiety when they are on the way to the groomer, since grooming is not their favorite activity. You can make the process easier by exercising your pet before a grooming appointment to get out some pent up energy. Bringing some treats along for the car ride and arrival at the groomer can be helpful too.

  • How often should I schedule grooming? – The grooming needs of your pet will differ depending on his breed and propensity for getting dirty. If your dog or cat is meticulous about self-grooming, you may not need to schedule appointments as often.


When you are going to be away from home, you will want to know that your pet is in good hands. Preston Road Animal Hospital provides exceptional boarding services with online reservations available.

  • What should I bring to boarding? – We provide comfortable accommodations and food for boarded pets, though you might bring your pet’s normal food if he is on a special diet. Bring along any medications your pet takes as well.

To get a closer look at the exceptional care pets receive at Preston Road Animal Hospital under Chastain Veterinary Medical Group, give us a call at (972) 239-1309.

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